Ubione Intelligent Interconnected Product Series

The Ubione Intelligent Interconnected product series is a range of cross-domain and easily scalable intelligent interconnected products launched by Neusoft Corporation, leveraging its years of industry solutions and mobile terminal software development experience. These products combine the advantages of hardware and software integration.

The products, with hardware as the carrier and software as the core, are defined by software. Through the integration of industry innovation and business, the products achieve the integration and unification of business and information flow, thereby assisting in the construction of smart hospitals.

The products adhere to customer-oriented principles and are characterized by forward-thinking, expansiveness, advancement, and practicality. By integrating intelligence, AI + healthcare, and through software technology innovation, the construction of new business models, and the integration of internal and external resources, a range of new technology and application-based intelligent interconnected terminal products based on emerging techniques such as 5G and AI are introduced, aiming to create a patient-centered quality healthcare service experience. With advanced, reliable, open, user-friendly, and secure standards, our products have been widely applied to and served various industries such as healthcare, finance, and tourism, as well as enterprises and institutions. Currently, the products have covered 28 provinces in China, 700+ hospitals, including 200+ level A tertiary hospitals.

Ubione Intelligent Self-Service Terminal

Main Products

Ubione Mobile Hospital Solution

The Ubione Mobile Hospital Solution by Neusoft Corporation is a smart software service product that focuses on providing convenient, beneficial, and upgraded medical services. It establishes a WeChat official account and mini-program for hospitals, allowing patients to extend various medical services beyond the hospital through their smartphones. Patients can inquire, operate, track, and provide feedback in real-time, offering them a comprehensive mobile healthcare service platform. Additionally, it can integrate daily hospital management and upgrading services, realizing closed-loop management from pre-diagnosis to in-diagnosis to post-diagnosis. It promotes online appointment registration, online payment, clinic settlement, access to laboratory test reports, access to health records, inpatient services, and intelligent linkage for mobile healthcare services.

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Ubione Mobile Nursing PDA

The Ubione Mobile Nursing PDA is a mobile informationization solution that integrates hardware and software based on the IoT, software, and terminals. It features a compact and lightweight design that can be easily held in one hand. The intelligent enterprise terminal S511 has won the "2018 German iF Design Award". Utilizing AI intelligent voice assistants and other artificial intelligence applications, the software offers rich functionalities including lightweight payment, integrated communication, device management, and more.

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Ubione Smart Unified Service Platform

The Ubione Smart Unified Service Platform is centered around healthcare and adopts the concept of "Internet Plus". It supports the integration of multiple applications, channels, and businesses, incorporating payment settlement. By integrating with diverse systems, it enables secure, simplified, and unified management of complex dimensions of hospital data.

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Ubione Disinfection Robot

The Ubione Disinfection Robot, with robots as carriers, is a self-moving and multi-point autonomous disinfection system.
The disinfection robot utilizes two methods: atomized disinfection and UV disinfection. 
The atomized disinfection robot rapidly atomizes various disinfectants and automatically sprays a continuous and even mist of ultra-fine particles into the space, achieving 360° coverage of the area that requires disinfection, effectively purifying the air and environment.
The UV disinfection robot is suitable for unmanned environments and uses top-quality UV quartz lamps for disinfection, ensuring higher efficiency and professionalism.

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Ubione Hospital Smart Service Solution

With a patient-centered approach, the Ubione Hospital Smart Service Solution aims to provide hospitals with an intelligent solution that covers the entire self-service treatment process. The goal is to achieve a smart service rating for hospitals through the implementation of advanced technologies and services.

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