Provide clients worldwide with full-life-cycle software development/testing services through the complete “Onsite + Nearshore + Offshore” delivery service pattern established based on the experience, achievements and advantages in industry, technology, engineering, talents and other aspects.

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One-Stop Services

Neusoft provides clients with professional software testing services based on 30 years of experience in software testing and 16 years of experience in testing outsourcing (to Japanese, European and American clients).

Boasting a professional test outsourcing team and rich experience in outsourcing business, Neusoft can eliminate the differences in regions, languages, and business habits and provide efficient and high-quality testing services.

Our service scope covers the basic traditional system testing and other types of testing like interface testing, integration testing, non-function testing (performance testing, usability testing, compatibility testing, etc.), and automated testing.

Our test objects cover professional imaging products, in-vehicle navigation, in-vehicle multimedia, dashboards, consumer electronics, TVs, Blu-ray recorders, professional displays, air ticketing systems, e-commerce platforms, etc.

Professional Teams

Neusoft boasts nearly 20,000 employees, about 3,000 of which are professional testing technicians distributed in major regions worldwide to provide professional software testing services for partners around the world.

In China

Own 8 regional headquarters, 10 Software R&D Bases, 16 Software R&D and Technical Support Centers, marketing service networks covering over 60 cities, and 3 Neusoft Institute of Information


Possess branches set up in the US, Japan, Switzerland, Finland, Romania, Germany, Peru, Dubai and other regions.

Architecture of Testing Outsourcing Services

Neusoft keeps maintaining the efficient architecture of testing outsourcing service from the following 6 aspects.

Brand effects

with our own brand effects, we promise to provide clients with efficient and high-quality testing outsourcing services.

Service scope

besides the basic functional testing, we also provide such services as performance testing, usability testing, compatibility testing, and security testing.

Test methods/design

we adopt unique test design systems and methods to ensure the traceability and comprehensiveness of test design and the high efficiency of test execution.

Testing products

we have rich experience in testing embedded products, OPEN systems, chips and other products in multiple domains.

Quality assurance

with consistent emphasis on the construction of quality assurance system, we are committed to developing a complete ISO-based and CMMI-based test quality assurance system.

Test resources

our abundant test resources in personnel, test equipment, test tools and other aspects enable the smooth development of outsourcing testing business.

Advancement of Operation Systems and Outsourcing Services

Cooperation Models

Clients are generally concerned about whether we can smoothly carry out long-distance operations.
  • Through our long-term dedication to outsourcing services, we have accumulated rich experience in
  • Whether or not we are with a client’s team/development team, we can enable close-range operation effects.
Timely communication is vital to outsourcing business. Besides the daily communication on project details, we also hold regular communication meetings at the business level and the partner management level.
  • In business-level communications, we discuss common issues in projects, identify existing problems/formulate solutions, jointly promote improvements, and track the results.
  • In management-level communications, we focus on business cooperation scales/ trends and other aspects to ensure the advance resource planning and deployment.


High-End Expertise Team

Neusoft has been consistently committed to continuously improving test engineers’ professional technical and process capabilities.

We keep following industry development trends and the application results of new technologies to ensure the advanced technical capabilities of our team.

We set up special technology research teams to carry out pre-researches in the features of new technologies and products and to improve business undertaking capabilities and testing quality.

Through training and internal technical seminars, we have cultivated a good atmosphere within the team to drive employees to continuously improve their technology capabilities.

Talent Cultivation

Rely on the activities like technology open days, internal technical exchanges, forums, and salons to encourage employees to closely follow industry development trends, actively participate in putting new technologies and methods into practice, and continuously improve the quality of testing services.

Technology Sharing & Discussion


Neusoft Quality Management

In 2004, Neusoft became China’s first software company to have passed the CMMI Level 5 assessment. Then, by adhering to the dual international quality standards of CMMI and ISO9001 and fully considering the characteristics of the software industry, Neusoft built a complete quality management system and a professional process management team. Over the years, Neusoft has been consistently refining professional capabilities to ensure the correct understanding and introduction of various standards and improving standardized processes on all fronts!

Quality Assurance System

Neusoft provides clients with professional software testing services based on 30 years of experience in software testing and 16 years of experience in testing outsourcing. Especially in the test outsourcing for professional imaging products, consumer electronics, and in-vehicle business, Neusoft has accumulated rich project management experience and built a complete quality assurance system for outsourcing testing services.

The system is built based on the CMMI and ISO9001 standards, with consideration to the requirements of ISO 25010, the particularity of the testing business, and the key quality monitoring points in outsourcing service projects. The complete quality management system supplemented by professional quality management personnel has fully ensured the quality of offshore outsourcing projects and won high recognition and trusted from clients.

Visual Management

Neusoft has accumulated rich and effective project quality monitoring experience through keeping offering clients high-quality testing outsourcing services. At all stages of a project life cycle, Neusoft provides visual monitoring management on the quality of all key activities of the offshore outsourcing project and regularly presents clients with clear and visible QCD reports of the project. Thus, Neusoft enables the clear and transparent monitoring on the quality of offshore projects and remove the management barrier in the offshore cooperation model.

Information Security Management System

As the first domestic enterprise that has passed the ISO27001 certification in software development and BPO services, Neusoft possesses a professional information security management team (consultants and engineers) and is consistently committed to providing clients and partners with safe and reliable business environments.

Neusoft has successively passed the second-party audits and inspections of over 10 Global Fortune 500 clients with their high recognition. That has greatly strengthened clients’ confidence in cooperation with us and guaranteed their sustained and stable outsourcing business.

Information Security Management

Neusoft has established a complete information security management system in accordance with ISO/IEC27001ISO27001, the international standard information security management requirements. Meanwhile, Neusoft keeps investing in information security technology to continuously improve the capabilities to manage information security risks and to monitor and deal with information security events.

Neusoft can build a customized information security management system according to clients’ industrial and product characteristics to manage and control the information security risks in the cooperation process and to fully guarantee the continuity of clients’ business.

Neusoft has established a strict and complete three-level management system to ensure the safe use of equipment provided by clients, to fully protect clients’ intellectual property rights, and to control information security risks.

Neusoft regularly provides multi-form and multi-channel trainings for employees to continuously enhance their information security awareness so that they can actively prevent information security risks and offer clients reliable information security guarantees.

Construction of Testing Environments

Over the past ten-plus years, Neusoft has been constantly committed to providing clients with excellent customized services of software testing outsourcing through efficient responses to client demands.

To build complete and convenient testing environments, Neusoft has continuously accumulated over 10,000 pieces of equipment of various types as well as mature testing environments. Thus, Neusoft possess the capability to construct testing environments in line with client requirements. Meanwhile, Neusoft has developed convenient, rapid, and quality-guaranteed chains for imports, exports and logistics transport, thus enabling the timely, safe and reliable customs clearance and transport of goods outside China with much less costs and time.

With dedicated network environments of various types, we can flexibly and effectively respond to client demands.

Test Development and Design Systems

We stick to the idea that “quality comes from design rather than inspection” by actively providing high-quality services for clients to meet operational requirements in upstream and downstream processes. So, we extremely value testing requirement analysis and design.

We boast an independent framework to conduct well-founded test analysis and design activities from the four dimensions of software quality models, industry experience, user perspectives, and development perspectives.

We adopt the classification, extraction, and reuse of cases as well as network visualization display and various methods of test analysis and design to better control costs and ensure quality.

Test Design System

For high-quality test design, we mainly provide following services to ensure:

High-quality requirements

Depth and breadth of test design books

Test design coverage

Traceability and reusability of results

Test Design Techniques

Applying various effective test design techniques is of great importance in extracting from an almost infinite number of test items the ones with higher false discovery rates.

While applying multiple test analysis methods, we consider the overall business requirements as well as the features of tested functions and flexibly select the popular test design techniques. Thus, we can design test cases with high coverage, great reusability and low costs to meet the needs of different businesses.

To “cover test objects”, “efficiently detect bugs” and “cut test cases”, we often use such main test design techniques as equivalence partitioning, boundary value analysis, cause-effect decision table, state transition method, scenario method, error guessing, domain analysis, orthogonal tables and All-pair testing. Meanwhile, other techniques like the HAYST method, the overlay model, and code inspection are specifically used based on actual needs.

Agile software development・DevOps

By applying agile methodologies to offshore outsourcing projects with the Online mode, Neusoft has weakened the impact of the remote operations by project personnel, controlled project risks, and accumulated practical experience in the agile implementation of outsourcing projects.

Agile Dev- Core Advantages

Enable users to quickly see a product with baseline architecture at the iterative stage of substantial development;

Underscore the capability to quickly respond to the market, namely, the specific coping capacity. Win high satisfaction from clients at the early stage.

Agile Dev - DevOps Value

Core Value

  • Efficient collaboration, communication, demand management; automated processes and tools;
  • Fast and agile development, continuous delivery and deployments, and continuous learning and innovation.

  • Document management: offer a document management platform integrated with online documents, forms, and PPT as well as network disks. Enable centralized management on project and team documents. Meet the needs of online team collaboration. Integrate the requirements of R&D management and other applications to realize full-link management;
  • R&D management: support the management on the whole process of agile R&D through the core modules such as demand management, defect management, iterative tracking, and release version;
  • Test management: integrate such core modules as test cases, test plans, test execution, and defect management with the automated test platform to output comprehensive test reports and to support the management on the whole test process;
  • Automated testing: provide automated testing platforms for interfaces and UIs;
  • Code hosting: enable developers to quickly create code branches, to continuously integrate JOB, to scan JOB code and to deploy JOB through the one-click configuration of the pipeline function;
  • Continuous integration: provide the continuous integration module that includes such functions as compilation, construction, and packaging and supports pipeline configuration, code quality scanning, application configuration management and other functions;
  • Deployments: Support containerized and non-containerized deployments.

Test Automation

Neusoft Automated Testing Services

Neusoft relies on years of experience in automated testing for various businesses to provide the optimal automated testing solutions for clients in line with their needs. Our test automation services mainly include:


Excellent automated testing framework

Enable the cloud-based deployment of testing tools, distributed test execution and other requirements through the good scalability. Implement the management on automated test scripts in line with the principle of general test piece management. Support timing execution and long-term activation.

Integration into DevOps tool chain

Meet the automated testing requirements during the continuous construction of agile development through the collaborative operations with automated testing tools and continuous integration tools. Enable the secondary development of the existing automated testing and clients’ tools (like defect tracking systems, version management systems, and other cooperation tools) to provide customized services.

Application of AI image processing technology

Adopt AI technologies such as video processing, image processing, screen capture, and video character recognition to determine the consistency between test results and expected values and to enable less manual participation in the testing process.

Application of mechanical arms

Facilitate some testing which involves manual work by using robots to replace the necessary operations like keystroking.

Compatibility with multiple platforms

Enable the Windows-based and Linux-based development of automated testing tools.

Parallel test execution on multiple devices

Support unified management on automated tasks with the mechanism of parallel automated testing executed on multiple devices.

Visual test reports

Use Neusoft’s unique data visualization technology (based on BigData technology) to provide visualized test result reports and analysis


Relevant Tools:

Test Resource Systems

Through years of testing experience, we have accumulated rich resources in both equipment and data to enable the quick use by new partners.

Equipment Pool

We boast nearly 30,000-plus test devices to meet clients’ needs. Our automatically developed equipment management system can ensure the test equipment provided by clients is kept under management all the time and can be efficiently used in test operations.

Our “Equipment Pool” mainly covers multi-series and multi-model mobile terminals (mobile phones, tablets, etc.) from global mainstream manufacturers and digital and mobile signal generators covering 4K and 8K, and we can also offer controllable power supply testing environments with a voltage range of 100V-240V as well as the special testing equipment and environments, Canoe, SG, professional studios, and digital cinemas.

Mainly including:

Total: 30000+

Data Pool

We boast a “Data Pool” with massive test data like music, videos, PDF, and pictures. The stock of our “Data Pool” has reached over 150,000 pieces, including the data combinations with various formats and attributes, the large data volumes and the special data. These data apply to all specific business domains.

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