Digital Camera (DC)

Possess a complete technology system with one-stop Camera solution capabilities formed based on more than a decade’s experience in developing cell phone cameras and the cooperation with top companies in the industry.

Software Development and Integration

  • Module integration (OIS, DualPD, iToF, etc.)
  • Camera BSP, driver development integration, BringUp
  • Camera Platform design and development
  • Customized development of Camera App
  • Optimization and performance improvement of Camera

Image Quality Assessment

  • Sharpness, lateral chromatic aberration, signal-to-noise ratio, color accuracy, tonal response and contrast, dynamic range, exposure accuracy, Rolloff, lens distortion, photosensitivity

3A and IQ Tuning

  • ISP tuning
  • AE tuning
  • AWB tuning
  • AF tuning

Algorithm Optimization

  • Automatic exposure (AE)
  • Automatic white balance (AWB)
  • Automatic focusing (AF)
  • Lens Shading Correction (LSC)
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR)
  • Multi Axis Color Adjustment Software (MCAS)

3D Technology and Optimization

  • 3D reconstruction, skeletal tracking, Bokeh
  • 3D iToF algorithm optimization
  • 3D algorithm acceleration (GPU, DSP, Neon, etc.), OpenCL, Opengl, Halide, and DSP Intrinsic
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