As a dedicated in-vehicle service provider, Neusoft enables your optimized product innovation and customer experience, enhanced product competitiveness, maximized software value, and facilitated business growth through the excellent software product engineering capabilities, the advantage of nearly 30 years of experience, and the rapid, mature and large-scale delivery capabilities.

Neusoft software engineering solutions to automotive electronics include the development of in-vehicle infotainment systems, traditional & LCD instruments, body control systems, headlight control systems, Internet of Vehicles, Big Data analysis, HMI, and Navigation & DB compilation as well as professional in-vehicle testing.

Neusoft provides well-known auto manufacturers and Tier1 clients with overall intelligent cockpit software solutions and services ranging from operating system development and core technology authorization to in-vehicle application customization and including the customization and testing of in-vehicle infotainment systems, the customized development of instruments and HMIs, the software development of body control systems, Navigation & DB compilation, Internet of Vehicles, in-vehicle testing. We work closely with the world-leading automotive electronic suppliers to offer clients complete in-vehicle solutions, tools and services. Integrate into clients’ ecological development systems to work faster in optimizing and enriching drivers’ intelligent driving experiences with improved software quality and shortened delivery time.

Service List

Android/Linux System Development
  • Optimized performance and quick start
  • Deeply customized usage scenarios to promote innovation
  • Multimodal interaction and interconnection, multiple chips, and parallel applications available
  • Scalable and deeply integrated in-vehicle functions
  • System tuning to enable clients’ reduced hardware cost and enhanced productivity and brand strength
Traditional & LCD Instrument Development
  • High-performance processor with smooth images
  • Diversified information function display
  • Customized interactive style
  • Security-based design concept
UI Design
  • Cool 2D / 3D motion effects
  • Scalable standardized interfaces
  • System optimization to enable better user experiences
HMI Development
  • HMI interface design and logic development
  • Function/logic development
  • Simulation testing of functional/logic behaviors
  • Rich multi-scenario interactive design concepts
  • Utilization of multiple HMI development tools
DB Compilation
  • Style design and development of DB compilers
  • Design and development of DB peripheral tools (certificate validation tools, statistical tools, and Viewer)
  • DB mass production
  • DB compilation based on NDS, KIWI, X-FMT, ZGM and other target formats
Navigation Software Development
  • In-vehicle navigation & peripheral software development
  • Navigation HMI development
Classic-Autosar-based Software Development
  • BSW customization, network management, UDS, NVM, etc. as well as customized development of complex drivers
  • Autosar-based application modelling development and customized development of BOOTLOADER
Body-Control-Related Software Development
  • Body control modeling (Autosar development)
  • Body control development such as liftgate and PEPS
  • Development of such software as in-vehicle air conditioning and central gateway processing
In-Vehicle Testing
  • Integration testing
  • Automation testing
  • Customization testing (BT tests, UI tests, authentication tests, field test)
  • Test tool development
  • Integration and system testing of in-vehicle infotainment systems

Competitive Advantages

Professional Multi-Service Team with Deep Technology Accumulation

Boast nearly 30 years of experience in automotive electronics and about 3000 excellent developers with technical capabilities, process awareness and quality consciousness.

Rich Talent Reserves

Possess 3 Neusoft Institutes of Information in China with a total enrollment of 34,500 students to train applied IT talents. Able to rapidly replenish human resources to meet the needs of business development.

Excellent Quality Control Capabilities

Strictly implement international quality control standards. Enjoy the honor as China’s first enterprise that has passed the software quality management assessments of CMMI Level 5 and ASPICE Level 3.

Stable Delivery Capabilities

Have developed 1300+ models, well experienced in using and developing multiple tools. Ensure efficient project implementation through active and accurate problem finding.

“Star Enterprise” Recognized by Professional Institutions and Customers

One-Stop Global Services

Provide global support covering Japan, the US, Europe and China through the efficient local response capabilities of the 4 branches worldwide.

Rich Experience in Developing Safety Parts Based on ISO26262 Standard

Since 2016, Neusoft has been cooperating with multiple top international Tier1 suppliers on developing safety parts based on ISO26262 standard, such as instruments, HUD, headlights, shifter actuators, and gearboxes for internationally well-known auto manufacturers.


Mass-Production and Sales of Self-Developed NAGIVI Platform

With rich experience in in-vehicle software engineering, Neusoft adopts the business pattern of software engineering services + IP assets to create a globalized in-vehicle infotainment system with independent intellectual property rights. Since 2016, through the cooperation with a famous Japanese Tier1 supplier, Neusoft has become the software supplier for a certain Japanese OEM’s global models.

In May 2019, Neusoft smoothly mass-produced and sold the first Tier1 model in the market. This model is well received due to its super-high cost performance, rich in-vehicle functions and concise and smooth operational style.

Such success has set an example for software mass production for models of global OEMs and has also enabled the Neusoft brand to enjoy a better reputation in the Japanese in-vehicle business sector.

IVI Software Development for a Certain Internationally Well-Known Japanese Auto Manufacturer

Mainly designed and developed by Neusoft and mass-produced in 2019, this IVI software adopts the three CPU collaborative solutions of GerdaC-ITRON, GerdaC-Linux and MN103 and integrates such functions as in-vehicle entertainment and images, vehicle assistance systems, and Link.

IVI Software Development for a Certain Nationally Well-Known Joint-Venture Auto Manufacturer

Neusoft has provided a certain well-known auto manufacturer with Android-based solutions, including BSP, Android HAL and Android FW. Within one year and a half, through the cooperation with the client and its HIM software supplier, these products have been efficiently mass produced and well received by the client, carrying great significance for Neusoft team to accumulate and improve Android capabilities.

ECU Development for a Certain Nationally Well-Known Joint-Venture Auto Manufacturer

Neusoft has carried out strategic cooperation with this client on ECU development for years. 1. In terms of the RH850-based ECUs, Neusoft is responsible for implementing SWC on the application layer and such modules on the Autosar-based basic software layer as DCM, DEM, Nvm, MemIf, Fee, and Lin, as well as the complex driver modules like LinUpa, KAM, EEPROM, and IOHW. 2. In terms of the RH850-based and MPC5606-based ECUs, Neusoft is responsible for implementing the Autosar-based air conditioning algorithm and control strategy on the application layer and the rapid prototype development through dSpace Autobox. 3. In terms of the ECUs based on Infineon’s Tc297, Neusoft is responsible for implementing all Autosar-based basic software and some SWC functions of M-series ECUs, including the complex drivers like routing and whitelisting as well as integration and development testing. Through years of deep cooperation, Neusoft has not only demonstrated the software service strength, but has also made breakthroughs in ability improvements while helping this client succeed.

DB Compilation for a Certain well-known Japanese Map Company

Over the past two decades, Neusoft has been offering this client first-rate and highly received DB compilation services, including development of various DB compilers, tool development, DB adaptation, and system upgrade. As this company’s major software engineering service provider, Neusoft has been providing high-quality software engineering services for this company for 20 consecutive years.

Development of Safety Parts Based on ISO26262 Standard
  • Cooperate with a certain top international Tier1 supplier on developing and testing the mechanical, hybrid and full LCD instruments as well as HUD business for some world-known auto manufacturer. All products have passed the ISO26262 certification and met the requirements of functional safety and laws and regulations related to instruments, ensuring the market quality after mass production. Over the years, Neusoft team has grown more and more mature, with high recognition from clients for its business and proposal capabilities
  • Join hands with a certain world-known Tier1 supplier to develop full LCD instruments oriented towards global markets for some internationally renowned auto manufacturer. Such products are based on the QNX system and the AUTOSAR architecture, with the communication mode of on-board Ethernet. In this cooperation, besides developing some software with QM-level functions, Neusoft also takes charge of designing and developing the software based on ISO26262 ASIL-B requirements
  • Closely work with a certain world-known Tier1 supplier to provide light software design for many internationally renowned auto manufacturers. The products mainly include the external lights such as headlights, turn signal lamps, and rear combination lamps with such special effects as intelligent lighting and animation display. Such products meet the ISO26262 standard and the requirements of functional safety and laws and regulations related to vehicle lights, ensuring the market quality after mass production
  • Collaborate with a certain world-known Tier1 supplier on developing gear shifter actuators for some internationally renowned auto manufacturer. These products are based on the AUTOSAR architecture. In this cooperation, Neusoft takes charge of developing the software for shifter actuators in line with the safety requirements of ISO26262 ASIL-B requirements
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