Public Cloud Resale Services

This is to offer commission procurement of a cloud resource to clients. Specifically, Neusoft will procure a cloud resource from a cloud manufacturer and own the cloud account, and the client may use the resource while paying a fee to Neusoft. The advantages of this mode are as follows:

  • Simplifying overseas cloud procurement procedure of clients for overseas businesses; 
  • Reduced total cost of cloud resources; 
  • Legal risks evaded; 
  • Better technical supports available.


  • Overseas payment on commission: Operating a matured procedure for overseas payment on commission, Neusoft can help clients solve problems such as exchange rate fluctuation, tax settlement, invoicing, contract conclusion, etc. Clients only need to settle with Neusoft. 
  • Discounted expenditure of cloud resource: As a partner of cloud manufacturers, Neusoft can get a special discount, and therefore clients may pay 15% to 40% less for the same cloud resources.
  • Technical support: Neusoft has professional cloud architects who can provide precise resource purchase plans, and therefore clients may pay 10% to 25% less for the same cloud resources. 
  • Support from cloud manufacturer: Neusoft may coordinate with the manufacturers to provide the necessary specialized services to clients, thus to further improve the reliability, security, availability and extensibility of the business system.


  • Overseas AWS cloud resale project of a client 
  • Overseas Azure cloud resale project of a client
  • Aliyun resale to a financial institute 
  • Aliyun resale to an overseas automobile company 
  • Aliyun resale to a government 
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