Cloud Data Center Integration Services


Cloud data center infrastructure room environment integration service 

Build a cloud data center machine room with our specialized integration service capability and with green and energy efficient products and technologies of ecological partners, including: decoration subsystem, electrical equipment subsystem, refrigeration subsystem, weak current subsystem, fire protection subsystem, micro-module data center, etc., to provide superior infrastructure supports for the cloud platform.  

Hybrid cloud building and integration service 

Assist our clients in building their hybrid cloud platforms and provide hybrid cloud software/hardware system integration services, big data platform integration services, IaaS/PaaS building and integration services, etc. with our specialized integration service capabilities and rich hybrid cloud integration experiences, to realize the fast building of hybrid clouds and promote the customer value of business innovation. 

Hybrid cloud management service

Provide professional one-stop management services, including cloud O&M, cloud optimization, cloud business migration, etc., and solve technical difficulties and eliminate security risks of the clients in cloud application, to be a thoughtful steward of cloud business operations for the clients. 


  • One-stop service 
  • Professional competence 
  • Qualification guaranteed 
  • Ecological capability 
  • Security system 
  • Rich experiences 


  • Private cloud and desktop cloud integration for Rongsheng Insurance 
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