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Cloud management services mainly include cloud infrastructure O&M services provided to clients on the cloud. Since a cloud computing architecture is quite different from a traditional architecture, high-level requirements are imposed on O&M personnel, tools and procedures, a specialized cloud O&M management platform is generally required to realize more intelligent O&M services through automation and coding, and O&M personnel are required to be highly competent in cloud computing and good at associating with cloud manufacturers.


  • Competency of staff: 100+ senior architects for Chinese and foreign mainstream cloud manufacturers, including infrastructure architecture, DevOps, R&D and other fields 
  • Tool platform: An intelligent integrated O&M platform (AiOPs) independently developed based on technologies such as AI, big data analysis, etc., not only equipped with the basic functions of monitoring, warning, work order, log, etc., but also facilitating proactive decision making and automatic repair through powerful algorithms, predicting the stability and reliability of a business in advance and realizing the proactive intelligent maintenance 
  • Cost optimization: Reduction of the cost of cloud resources by 30% to 40% or even more through analyzing the cloud platform architecture, rate and application system features and in combination with our rich experiences, without lowering the performance and reliability
  • Advanced technology: Provision of professional advices on architecture optimization on the basis of international advanced O&M concepts and technologies, such as advanced optimization solutions based on server-free architecture, infrastructure architecture coding, block chain, container, AI, big data and other technologies 


  • Cloud O&M of overseas AWS after-sales system of Haier 
  • Cloud O&M of UCP system and DCM system of BMW 
  • Cloud O&M of big data and block chain platform of China Mobile Information Technology Co., Ltd. 
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