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  • Overview

    • Embraced on three sides by green hills; close to the sea in the south; enjoying a greening rate of over 66.7%. Subordinating to Dalian High-Tech Park, owning sufficient reserve of IT talents.
    • No trunk road within 500m
    • No university or college within 800m
    • 1-2km from the petrol station
    • Over 1.8km straight to the coastline
    • No troops and military installations within 3km, nor hospital for infectious diseases and other hazardous premises within 5km
    • Location of computer room:1/F, F6 Hekou Park
    • Altitude above sea level:89m
    • Structure: 4 floors above ground and 2 floors underground
    • Seismic intensity: 8
    • Bearing capacity of computer room:1,000kg/m2

    Location: F6 Building, Neusoft Hekou Park (Area B), #901 Huangpu Road, Dalian High-Tech Industrial Zone. It is about 18km from the airport and railway station, about 30 minutes' drive, convenient for commuting.

    Environmental conditions
    Temperature of primary computer room (during startup) 23℃±1℃
    Relative humidity of primary computer room (during startup) 40% - 55%
    Temperature of primary computer room (during shutdown) 5 - 35℃
    Relative humidity of primary computer room (during shutdown) 40% - 70%
    Temperature change rate of primary computer room and auxiliary room (during startup and shutdown)   <5℃/h
    Temperature and relative humidity of auxiliary room (during startup) 18 - 28℃, 35% - 75%
    Temperature and relative humidity of auxiliary room (during shutdown) 5 - 35℃, 20% - 80%
    Temperature of UPS system battery room 15 - 25℃

    Electrical conditions
    Power supply Double-circuit 10KV line of Neusoft Hekou Park. It is connected to Qixianling and Xueyuan 66KV substations, and Haiwan and Lingshui 220KV substations, respectively in the upper end.
    Transformer Two 2,000kVA transformers connected to different municipal circuits.
    Backup diesel generator system One backup diesel generator configured for the capacity demand under full load;
    Fuel storage capacity of diesel generator Two 12.0m3 oil tanks, designed to serve for full-load operation of class-A computer room and backup for 72 hours. Standby oil is available within 1 hour upon request to the petrol station as per an oil supply agreement signed with it.
    UPS system Dual 2N redundancy; no less than 700kW for each circuit.
    Backup time of UPS battery 15-min backup ensured by an accumulator battery for each 800KVA UPS in the dual lines.
    Power distribution of air conditioning system ATS automatic transfer switch provided in the power distribution cabinet for air conditioning system; diesel generator used to power the dual lines. A radial distribution system is adopted.
    • ANSI/TIA-942-2005 Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Data Centers (TIER3 and TIER4 standards)
    • GB50174-2008 Code for Design of Electronic Information System Room (class-A fault tolerant room)
    • ST/T30003-2008 Construction and Acceptance Test Code for Computer Room
    • SJ/T10796-2001 General Specification for Raised Access floors for Electrostatic Protection
    • JCT/T16-82 Code for electrical design of civil buildings
    • GB50052-95 Code for design electric power supply systems
    • GB50054-95 Code for design of low voltage electrical installations
    • GBJ52-82 Code for design industrial and civil power supply systems
    • GBJ54-83 Code for design low voltage distribution units and circuits
    • Q/GDNY05.4-2003 National standard for flame retardant power cables
    • IEC 60332-3 Tests on Electric Cables under Fire Conditions Part 3: Tests on Bunched Wires or Cables
    • GB 12666 Test Method on Electric Wires or Cables under Fire Conditions  
    • GB50055-93 Code for Design of Electric Distribution of General-purpose Utilization Equipment  
    • GB50034-1992 Industrial Enterprise Lighting Design Standard  
    • GB 50057-94 Design Code for Protection of Structures against Lightning  
    • GBJ79-85 Code for Communications Earthing Design of Industrial Enterprise 
    • GB50343-2004 Technical Code for Protection of Building Electronic Information System against Lightning   
    • GB/T50314-2000 Standard for Design of Intelligent Building
    • GB50311-2007 Code for Engineering Design of Generic Cabling System  
    • GB50312-2007 Code for Engineering Acceptance of Generic Cabling System
    • YD/T926.1 Telecommunication Generic Cabling System for Building 
    • GA/T75-94 Engineering Procedure and Requirement of Safety and Alarm System 
    • GB50019-2003 Design Code for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning of Industrial Buildings   
    • GB50243-2002 Code of Acceptance for Construction Quality of Ventilation and Air Conditioning Works
    • GB8 Cod50116-9e for Design of Automatic Fire Alarm System  
    • GB50166-92 Code for Installation and Acceptance of Fire Alarm System
    • GBJ140-90 Code for Design of Extinguisher Distribution in Buildings   
    • Code for Design of Heptafluoropropane (HFC-227ea) Fire Extinguishing Systems 
    • NFPA 2001 Standard on Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems
    • GB50263-97 Code for Installation and Acceptance of Gas Extinguishing System 
    • GB5004-95 Code for Fire Protection Design of Buildings 
    • GB50222-95 Code for Fire Prevention in Design of Interior Decoration of Buildings
    • GB50319-2000 Code of Construction Project Management
  • Location

    Big Data Center, covering a land area of 36,000 m2

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