Intelligent Operation and Maintenance Platform

SaCa Aclome Operation Center

Provide all-round and centralized resource monitoring for data centers from the infrastructure layer to the business application layer, give flexible and diverse warning notices on specific events, and support the orchestration of visual operation process to enable the ensured rapid event response and fault self-recovery, the fully improved manageability and reliability of IT infrastructure and business systems, and the reduced operation management costs and failure risks.

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SaCa Aclome Business Center

Provide all-round monitoring operation, resource delivery, service catalog, accounting management and other functions for hybrid cloud, cross-cloud, and multi-cloud environments. Utilize the self-service portal to enable the unified operation management on various resources and services under public and private clouds with on-demand delivery.

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SaCa EMM : Enterprise Mobility Management

Enable unified management and security control on the mobile resources connected to your enterprise information system and provide MDM (mobile device management), MAM (mobile application management), MCM (mobile document management), MEM (mobile email management), etc. for smart terminals to streamline mobile management and ensure information security. Create a more secure, more convenient, and freely accessible management environment for corporate mobile businesses.

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RealSight APM

Committed to providing one-stop solutions to corporate application performance management. Enable omnidirectional and full-stack monitoring capabilities for enterprise applications and Internet ones. Discover potential problems and risks in advance and change the risk handling mode from the traditional passive response into active defense to protect enterprises from the losses caused by application performance problems. Assist enterprises in cutting application performance management costs and accelerating digital transformation.

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