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OhwYaa is Neusoft’s new-generation intelligent knowledge management platform based on big data and AI technologies. With the concept of “knowledge comes from and serves core corporate businesses”, OhwYaa enables the automatic precipitation and use of knowledge in daily work through the intelligent worktable connected with the business system. OhwYaa also builds knowledge graphs for vertical business and offers accurate knowledge recommendations based on container recommendations to help you raise operational efficiency.

OhwYaa Enterprise Knowledge Management System consists of the three major systems, namely, the knowledge base, the knowledge community and the knowledge portal, with the core function modules like the enterprise knowledge map, the enterprise talent map, the knowledge collector (automatic knowledge collection), the knowledge Widget (intelligent recommendation), the intelligent worktable, and the CKO special zone.

OhwYaa carries out the full-life-cycle security control over enterprise knowledge from its production to circulation and advocates bottom-up participation. On OhwYaa, employees contribute contents spontaneously and interact with each other for autonomous learning and growth, corporate CKOs manage enterprise knowledge assets with overall planning, and enterprises receive core support for the development towards connection and collaborative intelligence.

Knowledge Base

Enable the management procedures like the production, review and release of knowledge, the orderly collection of internal and external enterprise knowledge, and the enhanced accumulation of enterprise knowledge assets to build an ever-expanding core knowledge asset base in line with enterprises’ knowledge management systems.

Knowledge Community

Create an internal knowledge network based on enterprise social networking to facilitate knowledge interaction and sharing among employees and to integrate knowledge into products and services. Rely on semantic analysis, knowledge graph, and user behavior analysis and other technologies related to big data and AI to enable the self-operation in knowledge communities, the continuous accumulation and use of enterprise knowledge assets, and the sustained self-evolution.

Enterprise Knowledge Portal

Enable internal knowledge circulation and sharing within enterprises as well as information release by functional and business departments. Offer intelligent knowledge recommendations based on different interests analyzed through employees’ behavioral profiles.

Enterprise Knowledge Map

Provide intelligent classification and sorting for the enterprise knowledge libraries along with the continuous accumulation. Enable automatic and dynamic updating and management with lower cost and higher efficiency. Offer guidance for enterprise training and learning. Instruct enterprises to lay out reasonable capacity development plans with the knowledge map of employees’ technical abilities.

Enterprise Talent Map

Adopt big data technology to analyze employees’ interaction behaviors and resumes, and then form ability profiles to identify suitable talents.

Intelligent Worktable

Provide a unified work portal for large and medium-sized enterprises. Rely on the enterprise knowledge base and social networking to enable the full connection and the intelligently optimized business processes and to help these enterprises realize intelligence-based and high-quality development.

Knowledge Collector

Enable automatic knowledge precipitation through binding the knowledge collection component to the enterprise IM, the email system, the corporate network disk, and Office software.

Knowledge Widget

Provide a variety of auxiliary knowledge widgets to integrate the knowledge of other business systems into the core business processes.

OhwYaa provides full-life-cycle uniform interfaces for other business systems to enable knowledge precipitation and intelligent knowledge recommendation. Business systems can submit the knowledge generated in the business processes to the knowledge base; in the practical business operation process, required knowledge can be accurately matched from the knowledge base to support daily business operation.

CKO Special Zone

Display information on knowledge asset accumulation to help corporate managers fully understand the reserves of enterprise knowledge and talents, the distribution and hotspots of knowledge, the employees’ abilities, and the operation situations of knowledge management. Provide important basis to support decision for your management.

Why Us

Information Security

We strictly follow the regulations on enterprise information security management, conduct pre-reviews and post-audits for the production and circulation processes of the core enterprise knowledge assets, and retain knowledge circulation logs in the full life cycle. In knowledge preservation, we encrypt and sign knowledge to maximally prevent the leakage of enterprise knowledge assets and to ensure enterprise information security.

Self-operation of Content

With our products, you can plan, produce, and circulate knowledge assets in a “top-down” manner and to precipitate and share knowledge in a “bottom-up” manner. The interactive approach allows employees to share knowledge, to give feedback, and to constantly enrich the enterprise knowledge base with their knowledge abilities. Moreover, on the premise of your information security management systems, our social networking technologies help you produce and transmit enterprise knowledge so that the employees from different departments can exchanges knowledge and acquire knowledge more efficiently without repetitive work.

Personalized Recommendation

We recommend personalized knowledge according to employee interest profiles, help employees learn continuously and acquire more professional capabilities and work skills, and make corporate organizations more competitive.

Intelligent Search

We provide fast retrieval, classification retrieval, semantic query and other functions based on big data and AI technologies so that employees can acquire knowledge and ask experts for help quickly and accurately.

Rich Experience in Knowledge Management Operation

As a typical knowledge-intensive enterprise, Neusoft boosts over 20 years of practical experience in knowledge management and is among the first to win the MAKE award in China. Originally built to meet Neusoft’s own knowledge management needs, OhwYaa epitomizes Neusoft’s knowledge management experience. Neusoft provides not only knowledge management systems, but also consulting services for enterprise knowledge management.

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