OneCoreGo is a true companion – present on all devices and optimizing your everyday travel needs. It is self- learning and will help to meet the desires of its users and enhance the user experience. This off-the-shelf navigation solution is preconfigured and includes an HMI. Its look and feel are adaptable and can therefore meet the requirements of various customers. It is HW and OS independent. OneCoreGo is a seamless navigation solution; not depending on a cloud but with a deployed solution on all devices. Data bases can be integrated in our One Cloud or any device. The One Cloud solution is a service aggregator, which makes our solution service provider agnostic.

OneCoreGo continues its journey to be an everyday companion with a presence on all devices that surround us in a digital world. OneCoreGo will help organize all daily travel needs. Multimodal routing lets the user chose between the optional means of transportation learning from previous usage and preferences to suggest and maybe even predict future desires. OneCoreGo will help to optimize the user experience and maybe even make the user’s mobility more convenient.

  • Android (4.2.2. until latest version)
  • iOS
  • Linux embedded and PC
  • QNX
  • Windows
  • On/off street parking, traffic, weather(hazardous), POls and more
  • Analysing and enhancing partner services
  • Additional services can easily be integrated
  • Calculation of n-alternative route possible
  • 5 routs in 3 seconds
  • Coast to coast rout in 3 seconds
  • Ecological route
  • Detailed range visualization for electric vehicles
  • Intermodal routing with various means of transportation (public transportation,cars, pedestrian, (rented) bicycles, shared cars, rentals, e-scooter)
  • Alternative routing for various means of transportation
  • Deviate Scenarios
  • Last/ First mile
Cloud Concept
  • Architecture supports various cloud concepts
  • Seamless navigation
Multiple Devices
  • Enhancing user experience
  • One Core supports Head Units, PCs, Tablets, Smart Watches and others
  • Online and offline capabilities
Electric Vehicle
  • Optimized routing for EV: routing considers charging stations
  • Optimized POI search: always based on current actual battery range of EV
  • Road slope informatio
Map and Compiler
  • NDS data
  • All maps, all markets
  • Hybrid map solutions – up/and download in tiles – up-to-date data at any time
  • World data baser
  • Open Street Map (OSM)
  • One Core will be a true companion present on all smart devices
  • Optimizing and organizing every days travel needs
  • Self learning system helping to meet desires of user
  • Enhancing user experience
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