Neusoft T-Box is an intelligent in-vehicle interconnection terminal used to monitor new energy vehicles. As a safe and smart data channel with human-vehicle-road-life interconnection, Neusoft T-Box integrates T-Box, shark fin antenna, Ethernet, CAN, WIFI, and BLE to connect the network inside and outside a vehicle to create a safer and more comfortable driving environment for you. Neusoft began to develop T-Box products and participate in preparing the national standard GB/ T32960 in 2012. Since then, the products have soon opened up the market and successively won orders for dozens of vehicle models.

Basing on the high speed, high bandwidth and low latency of 5G, Neusoft developed and launched the 5G V2X Box product integrated with the C-V2X and ETC functions, which has filled the gap in the domestic and overseas 5G markets.

  • Vehicle diagnostic and control
  • Over-the-Air (OTA)
  • Bluetooth key
  • Security gateway
  • Ethernet communication
  • V2X customization
  • European ECall and Russian ERA-GLONASS


  • Present the next-generation communication domain controller solutions integrated with V2X, shark fin antenna, 5G, Ethernet, CAN, WiFi, BLE, and Tuner
  • Focus on the communication technologies of V2X, Security, FOTA, remote control, remote diagnosis, Bluetooth key, and Ethernet
  • Provide customized services for V2X usage scenarios
  • Offer high-precision positioning and Dead Reckoning services
  • Integrate the ETC function

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