What is RealSight DT Digital Twin Scene Modeling Platform

RealSight DT Digital Twin Scene Modeling Platform is an all-in-one 2D and 3D scene modeling tool based on the B/S architecture. It supports multiple file formats for models and automatic lightweighting of models. It also enables visual configuration with data binding, animations, and interactions. Real-time data interaction is supported, and it seamlessly integrates with IoT platforms, data analytics platforms, and knowledge graph platforms. With low-code development, it enables fast implementation of data visualization, simulation, VR, and other applications.

Why choose RealSight DT Digital Twin Scene Modeling Platform

One-stop Digital Twin Platform

RealSight DT integrates data-driven, model-driven, and knowledge-driven approaches to provide a convenient and comprehensive digital twin platform for smart manufacturing.

Automated Lightweighting of Models

RealSight DT enables automated decimation of model, including texture processing, decimating a 500M model to just 5M. It solves the high cost and long cycle issues associated with model lightweighting in the industry.

Flexible Expansion and Easy Integration

RealSight DT utilizes an independent and controllable technical system that can adapt flexibly to different requirements. It supports elastic scalability and is compatible with various data interfaces. It also supports integration and expansion with existing business systems.

Application Scenarios


Simulate, evaluate, and optimize various processes such as factory planning, machining, assembly, and logistics. Reduce costs associated with trial and error, shorten production lead time, and optimize production and operational efficiency.

Virtual Debugging

Achieve feedback-driven design, iterative innovation, and continuous optimization in a virtual environment.

Production Management and Control

Real-time monitoring of production conditions, timely detection and response to various abnormalities and instabilities during the production process. Increasingly intelligent implementation of cost reduction, efficiency improvement, and quality assurance goals.

Intelligent Operation and Maintenance

Utilize on-site equipment data collection and twin analysis to provide visualized and integrated management, thereby improving maintenance and operation efficiency.

VR Virtual Training

Support scenarios such as equipment assembly and disassembly, safety training, and emergency drills, enabling employees to quickly learn and enhance training efficiency while reducing costs.

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