In response to the demand of higher education institutions for nurturing big data talents, Neusoft has independently developed a Data Science Teaching and Training Platform. This platform offers a one-stop data science curriculum and a teaching and research platform for universities, effectively implementing an integrated approach of "Industry, University, Research, and Application." It emphasizes talent development from multiple perspectives, including teaching, practice, research, and usage, providing a one-stop solution for universities to foster data science professionals. Based on the demands of big data applications and leveraging Neusoft's IT industry advantages, the platform assists universities in scientifically constructing curriculum frameworks and supporting platforms, quickly implementing these measures and effectively addressing application needs. The platform aims to enhance students' abilities to develop intelligent applications, thereby promoting their employability, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Additionally, it contributes to the growth of teachers' capabilities in both big data teaching and research.

Training platform and courses

The platform offers classic machine learning courses as well as text mining course resources. Through an extensive library of practical training cases within the platform, it assists students in gaining a deeper understanding of the industry context. It integrates theoretical learning about big data with practical hands-on experience, enabling students to genuinely practice the entire data mining process. This includes everything from data preprocessing to feature engineering, and from data modeling to predictive evaluation. The data processing workflow is fully accessible, allowing students to develop a more intuitive understanding of the business value of big data.

Research collaboration

In addition to supporting data science and big data teaching and training, the platform also assists teachers in conducting data analysis and mining on research data. It provides technical platform tools to address the challenges of high barriers and complex deployment in deep learning applications. It collaborates with universities on joint research project applications, opens up opportunities for topic collaboration, and participates in innovative research competitions.

Practical curriculum system

Combining the personalized talent development needs of universities with the societal job competency models, the platform designs tailored practical curriculum systems for various directions.

Faculty training services

The platform assists teachers in enhancing their teaching capabilities by providing opportunities for on-site internships in companies and hands-on project experiences. Exceptional employees from companies can also serve as part-time teachers and mentors for innovation and entrepreneurship at universities. Furthermore, based on job skills and professional characteristics, the platform provides corresponding teaching resources, including instructional videos, training manuals, guided teaching materials, and relevant case libraries, to assist teachers in achieving effortless teaching.

Industry-University Cooperation and Collaborative Education

Neusoft’s data science and big data solutions support the "Industry-University Cooperation and Collaborative Education" project initiated by the Ministry of Education. Leveraging the corporate resources within the Neusoft system and Neusoft's expertise in industrial practice, we combine scientific learning methods with advanced information technology. Through this approach, we actively respond to the Ministry of Education's model of co-construction, co-management, and co-cultivation of talents between universities and enterprises. This comprehensive support enhances higher education institutions' efforts in nurturing talents.

Partner universities

Dalian University of Technology, Lanzhou Institute of Technology, Chengdu Normal University, Shanghai Information Technology College, Northeastern University, Dalian Neusoft University of Information

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