What is SaCa EchoTrust?

EchoTrust is an alliance chain technology platform with independent intellectual property developed by Neusoft. It offers a complete lifecycle blockchain application solution, enabling one-stop planning, deployment, configuration, development, launch, and operation and maintenance of blockchain applications. This effectively reduces the cost for enterprises to adopt blockchain technology. The product is dedicated to assisting enterprises in establishing decentralized trust systems, facilitating the rapid development of reliable blockchain application services, and driving enterprises towards digital transformation and upgrading.

Product features

Blockchain network management

The platform supports automated generation of configurations and one-click deployment of blockchain networks, making the process of building blockchain environments simpler.

Member node management

The platform provides distributed member and node management functionalities, supporting the dynamic addition of blockchain members and nodes. This achieves dynamic scalability of the blockchain network.

Consensus mechanism

The platform supports millisecond-level consensus algorithms with high throughput and stability, accommodating large-scale node deployment expansion to meet the business demands of enterprise applications.

Channel management

The platform automatically creates distributed ledgers within the channel. It provides channel configuration management functionality, allowing the creation of different channels based on business needs to achieve secure isolation and sharding requirements for blockchain ledgers.

Smart contract management

The platform provides full lifecycle management of smart contracts, including contract development, deployment, upgrades, invocation, and application integration.

Application development

The platform provides multi-language smart contracts and SDKs, REST interfaces, various application templates, and automatic contract generation functions, meeting diverse application development needs. This enables enterprises to focus on innovation and development of upper-layer applications, achieving rapid deployment of applications on the blockchain.

Security assurance

The platform supports multi-level access control, national cryptographic algorithms, homomorphic encryption, zero-knowledge proofs, alerts, and system audits, comprehensively ensuring system security.

Visual monitoring and operation & maintenance

The platform supports visual blockchain explorers and system monitoring and operation & maintenance tools.

Why choose EchoTrust?

Efficient consensus

The platform provides millisecond-level consensus with high throughput and stability, capable of meeting the needs of various blockchain application development, debugging, and production operations.

Security and reliability

The platform constructs a multi-dimensional blockchain security system using technologies such as CA certificate services, national cryptographic algorithms, homomorphic encryption, trusted computing, permission management, and privacy data isolation, ensuring the security of system data.

Simplicity and intuitiveness

The platform supports one-click deployment of blockchain nodes, and provides comprehensive management tools for easy management of blockchain ledgers, nodes, and contracts. Real-time monitoring and alerts for data and resources are available, helping enterprises rapidly achieve blockchain business value.

Rapid development

The platform supports multi-language smart contracts and SDKs, REST interfaces, automatic smart contract generation, and various application templates, providing the capability for fast application development..

Successful cases

Hainan Boao Lecheng Pilot Zone Licensed Medical Device Traceability Management Platform

The Hainan Boao Lecheng Pilot Zone Licensed Medical Device Traceability Management Platform is established within the Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone. This platform utilizes technologies such as blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT) to create a comprehensive traceability system for the real-time tracing, tracking and inquiry, and supervision of medical devices, covering the entire process from application, approval, procurement, customs clearance, transportation, and storage to usage. Through the implementation of blockchain technology, the platform ensures the authenticity and tamper-proof nature of traceability data, thereby enhancing the quality, safety assurance, and regulatory levels of medical devices.

This case has been selected as a "High-Value Case in 2021" under the Trusted Blockchain Initiatives.

Nanning “Blockchain + Human Resources and Social Security” Platform

Neusoft, in collaboration with Nanning Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, has established the "Nanning-Neusoft Intelligent Human Resources and Social Security Joint Innovation Lab". It is a pioneering initiative in the nation, focusing on the research and development of "Blockchain + Human Resources and Social Security" solutions. The platform involves various participating entities, including the human resources and social security bureau, big data bureau, judicial bureau, federation of trade unions, credit office, and several banking institutions. It has successively implemented numerous application scenarios such as digitized labor contracts, social security card loss reporting services, social credit authorization, employment fund allocation and supervision using blockchain technology. This initiative has effectively enhanced government service quality, improved citizen satisfaction, and facilitated innovation in human resources services and the advancement of social governance capabilities.

This case was selected as a typical blockchain application case by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) in 2022.

Blockchain-based medical artificial intelligence research platform

This platform utilizes blockchain technology to facilitate data circulation among different medical members, technical conferences, and industry participants. By integrating artificial intelligence, big data technology, and medical knowledge, it promotes personalized, precise, and efficient medical services for patients, enhances hospital operations, and offers innovative approaches to healthcare system reform, thus contributing to the advancement of the medical field. Through the use of blockchain technology, it addresses issues related to data ownership and data tracing, reducing the risks associated with unreliable data sources and ensuring data security.

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