What is RealSight IoT?

Utilizing big data technology, insights are derived from vast and diverse sources of data such as devices, environments, and business systems. Real-time comprehensive monitoring, predictive analysis, and optimization enhancements are applied to devices, enhancing operational efficiency, mitigating operational risks, and reducing costs for enterprises.

Comprehensive monitoring

By aggregating sensor data and equipment data, real-time monitoring and analysis of devices are conducted, enabling automated decision-making and assisting enterprises in comprehensively understanding operational status.

Predictive maintenance

Through the utilization of large-scale machine learning algorithms on massive sensor data, predictive analysis is conducted to accurately detect trends in the occurrence of faults, enabling early identification of risks.

Optimization and improvement

The platform assists equipment manufacturers in producing devices of higher quality and better performance, and aids operators in reducing energy consumption and increasing productivity, thereby ensuring that all relevant parties achieve higher profits.

Application scenarios of RealSight IoT

Smart city, comprehensive monitoring

Real-time monitoring and intelligent management of urban data, such as firefighting, environmental conditions, and population movement, is conducted, allowing timely detection of urban vulnerabilities. The platform gains insights into the relationships between data to ensure the safety of urban operations, creating a better quality of urban life for humanity.

Green energy, predictive maintenance

By utilizing operational data from wind turbines and other data sources such as environmental conditions, power grids, and maintenance records, intelligent analysis models are constructed for wind turbine health assessment, fault prediction, and diagnosis. This enables comprehensive life-cycle operation and maintenance and dynamic optimization systems for a large number of wind turbines, enhancing the efficiency of power generation and reducing the operational costs of wind farms.

Central air conditioning, energy efficiency optimization

Using big data technology, models are built based on massive data from subsystems such as cooling towers and refrigeration machines in central air conditioning systems. These models aim to find the optimal startup combination for equipment within each subsystem, thereby improving the air conditioning energy efficiency ratio and reducing operational costs.

Why choose RealSight IoT?

Flexible product configuration

Product deployment, business expansion, and changes are achieved through flexible configuration. This enables rapid adaptation to changes in business, scaling, and operational adjustments, ultimately reducing long-term IT costs for users.

Powerful data aggregation capability

Achieving the aggregation of dynamic, heterogeneous, fragmented data from multiple sources, the platform offers various device interface protocols for integration. It supports multiple network transmission protocols and custom parsing of enterprise-specific protocols, providing real-time and batch data source access methods.

Sophisticated algorithms and models

Possessing predictive analysis and optimization improvement algorithm models across various industries within the Internet of Things, the platform enables swift model construction and tuning.

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