SaCa Forms is an agile low-code development platform. It empowers business personnel to rapidly build form-based processes using graphical form tools and business templates, enabling efficient data collection and multi-dimensional result analysis through a low-code approach.

Application scenarios of SaCa Forms

Government data submission

Based on the current management practices of both enterprises and government departments, there is a significant amount of data, documents, or other materials that need to be submitted from subordinate units to higher-level units. Through the Intelligent Reporting Platform, the comprehensive organization and management of data submission in the government sector can be achieved.

Internal data collection for large enterprises

Data collection and reporting within large enterprises or organizations often suffer from a single route, limited means, and low operational efficiency. Through the intelligent reporting platform, business personnel can customize various data applications as needed and distribute them through multiple channels. Lower-level organizations can easily connect, achieving a unified data collection gateway that ensures transparent process and centralized management.

Comprehensive management service platform construction

The platform builds an all-in-one form-filling service platform that integrates various scattered and fragmented needs, forming a unified service management portal. Through a unified platform entry, business processes become more streamlined, enhancing the user experience.

Why choose SaCa Forms?

Rapid form definition

Creating form applications is no longer exclusive to developers. Business personnel can define forms on-demand without the need for coding. Form creation becomes effortless through browsers and mobile devices, enabling customization anytime, anywhere. Existing Word/Excel formats are supported for reuse, allowing for easy import into the platform for quick form creation.

Multi-channel distribution and push

Based on form types and completion requirements, various form publication methods are supported. Forms can be published to the application center and distributed through QR codes, URL sharing, group links, email notifications, and more. Depending on task delivery preferences, data can be entered anytime, anywhere. Tasks can be viewed through the task center, with options to subscribe to task notifications and receive overdue alerts. Forwarding of reporting tasks is also supported.

Automated data aggregation

The platform provides real-time monitoring of form completion progress and on-demand initiation of reminders. Based on the content of the forms, automatic multi-dimensional statistical analysis of reported data results is conducted. Customizable analysis reports can also be generated, and support for exporting report data is provided.

Service-oriented reporting tasks

The platform offers a unified access point that caters to users' on-demand use of reporting applications, minimizing unnecessary tasks stemming from the data reporting process. This approach allows users' reporting applications to be clearly presented within their personal portals, ensuring enhanced convenience.

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