Research and Intellectual Property Management System

The Research and Intellectual Property Management System provides enterprises with a platform for managing intellectual property rights, standard information, and research projects. It effectively manages the entire process of intellectual property rights, various levels of standards, and research project monitoring. This includes intellectual property declaration, external and internal management of various standards, real-time monitoring and control of research project initiation, undertaking, contract signing, implementation, acceptance, and final project summary report. It tracks the entire process of implementation, financial payments, and other operations.

  • It shortens work time and improves work efficiency.
  • It enhances the timeliness and accuracy of information, improving collaborative efficiency among multiple stakeholders.
  • The entire project process is visualized and digitized to ensure work quality.
  • It improves the timeliness of information feedback, enhancing operational efficiency and site utilization in storage yards.

System Features

  • Digitization of business process
  • Visualization of research projects
  • Modernization of enterprise management
  • Facilitation of customer service


Huainan Coal Mine Research and Intellectual Property Management System

The Huainan Coal Mine Research Management System has assisted the Huainan Coal Mine Group in digitizing research projects, standard information, patent applications, and award applications, as well as providing statistical analysis functions online. It facilitates online expert review and approval of project proposals and establishes an integrated online patent application system. The system enables real-time monitoring and timely access to data from various business modules, significantly improving data efficiency and visualization. The system strengthens the command and control functions at the management level, allowing management departments to effectively manage and supervise various stages of research projects and maintain control over the progress of intellectual property rights.

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