Neusoft Launches New Strategy to Develop Intelligent Solutions in Full Scale

[March 11, 2024, Shanghai, China] Neusoft Corporation has announced new strategy at its press conference in Shanghai to develop intelligent solutions in full scale. The new strategy aims to develop AI-enabled solutions, data-value based solutions and service-oriented solutions in the areas of smart cities, healthcare, intelligent vehicle connectivity and enterprise digital transformation.

Dr. Liu Jiren, Founder & Chairman of Neusoft Corporation, said at the press conference that the global IT services and software industry has seen continuous and rapid development, and the digital infrastructure of the society such as connectivity, computing power, storage power, data and AI has been greatly strengthened and injects more vitality into the software industry. With rapid commercial use of AI and the explosive growth of data, customers' demand for solutions has changed from precise operation of the system to more intelligent and data-based value creation. Intelligent solutions become the opportunities for Neusoft to embark on a new round of transformation and growth.

“Over the past 30 years, Neusoft has grown together with China's software industry, and our solutions have promoted the rapid development of industries and continuously improved the informatization level of economy infrastructure and areas concerning people's wellbeing.” Dr. Liu said that solutions have evolved from the B2B model to a ubiquitous model, becoming an essential part of people’s work and life. Facing the market trends and new opportunities of "AI+" and "Data x", Neusoft will develop intelligent solutions in all round, including AI-enabled solutions, data-value based solutions and service-oriented solutions. Meanwhile, Neusoft will continuously adjust and optimize its organization and ecosystem in line with the new strategy to focus on customers’ needs, strengthen AI+ empowerment and data value, and promote the high-quality development of customers by providing management and consulting services.

Regarding AI-enabled solutions, Dr. Liu said that AI will become a key component and a partner of solutions. Neusoft has integrated AI technology with solutions deeply and comprehensively to accelerate "AI+" empowerment in industrial transformation. At present, Neusoft is carrying out the training of large-scale models by using the data and customer resources in its leading business fields, and launched Neusoft’s Large Language Model Systems Engineering (LLM-SE) which has been widely used in healthcare, human resources and social security, medical insurance, media, finance, operation & maintenance, and other fields.

Regarding data-value based solutions, Dr. Liu said that future solutions will increasingly be data-based value creation, and serve as platforms of creating valuable data. Neusoft will fully explore the value of data and accelerate the discovery, innovation and realization of the data value in fields like smart cities, healthcare, etc. By now, Neusoft has already made positive achievements in the exploration of data value in the field of healthcare. It will further develop data-value based solutions in other industries, to promote China's digital transformation and economic development.

Regarding service-oriented solutions, Dr. Liu said that Neusoft provides solution- based services and delivers the value of software in form of services that beyond technology. In the field of healthcare, Neusoft has built an information and data management platform for regional medical communities and actively empowers the county-level medical communities with innovative solutions through analysis of the operational data. In addition, Neusoft empowers public hospitals in high-quality development with comprehensive solutions helping them to upgrade patient service patterns, construct key disciplines, refine operation management, etc.

In line with the new strategy, Neusoft has significantly restructured its organization in all sectors, including its functional departments, R&D system, sales system, software production system, leadership, etc., and also optimized the coordination model. This adjustment is designed to strengthen the strategic management internally, improve the efficiency of software development, continue to launch new products and services, expand enterprise ecosystem, consequently to enhance Neusoft's overall capabilities in business development and bring it more closer to the market and customers.

In the future, Neusoft will keep innovating and transforming, continue to explore into "AI+" for the industry's intelligent transformation, strive to achieve stable and sustainable development in the rapidly changing environment and the fierce market competition.

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