Neusoft Solution Forum 2023 | Neusoft Announces the Development of Next-Generation Intelligent Solutions

The Neusoft Solution Forum 2023 commenced in Chengdu,China on November 17th. The forum, themed “Software Defines the Digital Era,” gathered experts, analysts, partners and clients from various industries to discuss how to connect individuals with the world and define the digital future using technology as the link and software as the engine.

Dr. Liu Jiren, founder and Chairman of Neusoft Corporation, announced the company’s forward-looking development strategy at the opening forum, stating that in the face of the historical opportunity of the digital era, Neusoft will commit to developing next-generation intelligent solutions. He said that human society has just entered the intelligent era, where software is ubiquitous and integrating with intelligence, data and ecosystems. Software continuously contributes increasing value to industrial transformation and business model innovation, empowers growth, unlocking more possibilities to create better life, improve work efficiency, promote technological innovation, and drive social changes. After more than 30 years of development, Neusoft will maintain its focus on software technology and adhere to its established position, consolidate its customer-centric organization and ecosystem, and actively develop next-generation intelligent solutions to help customers grow, and explore the future together with partners.

Talking about the next-generation intelligent solutions, Dr. Liu noted that the ongoing technological innovation will enable digital humans to enhance solutions and change from helpers to partners, making them applicable in more quantifiable, measurable, and programmable scenarios and industries. The next-generation solutions will be more intelligent, and AI and large models will enable solutions shifting from function-focused to intelligence-driven, make the human-machine interface of solutions simpler, more user-friendly, and capable of self-learning. Meanwhile, solution data will shift from inventory to value creation, and data sharing will bridge solutions and end users to rapidly optimize the solutions. In addition, solutions will transit from management to services, and extend to the consumer ecosystem, getting closer to people’s life and providing consumers with various convenient applications and services.

Dr. Liu articulated Neusoft’s commitment to becoming an industry-leading information technology, products and solutions company, driving industrial innovation and empowering the digital transformation. For the global market, Neusoft will enhance its global R&D, sales and service network, taking internationalization as a crucial driving force for its continuous development. Neusoft will commit to open innovation and being responsible to its customers as well as the environment, and continuously create new value through software.

During the forum, Neusoft released several research reports and industry development white papers with its partners. In the field of medical and health, Neusoft and the International Data Corporation (IDC) collaborated to compile and release a report titled Developing Trends of Smart Picture Archiving and Communications System (SMART PACS) in China. In the field of enterprise digital transformation, Neusoft and IDC published a white paper titled Enhancing Data Capabilities to Build Data-Innovative Companies.

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