Neusoft Ranks Top in the Medical Insurance Information Market in China for Three Consecutive Years

Recently, IDC released a report titled "China's Medical Insurance Information System Market Share in 2022: Market Potential to Be Unleashed". For three years in a row, Neusoft has ranked first in the China's medical insurance information system market.

According to IDC, in 2022, Neusoft closely followed industry trends, responded to customer needs, and further pursued multidimensional growth through long-term business expansion. Neusoft has provided comprehensive solutions and services in areas such as medical insurance business handling, public services, fund supervision, payment method reform, big data governance, analysis and decision-making, pharmaceutical and consumable procurement, and designated medical institutions' informatization. This has laid a favorable foundation for the company's product development and market expansion in the healthcare sector.

Neusoft has been exploring and implementing innovations centered around the interaction between medical insurance, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, and advances reforms in medical insurance payment methods. Neusoft has assembled a specialized healthcare delivery team with over a thousand members, and established more than 20 distributed production and delivery centers and on-site service teams in over 100 cities nationwide.

During the national upgrade of the medical insurance platform over the past two years, Neusoft participated in the construction and operation of the National Healthcare Security Administration's medical insurance information platform. The company provided robust support for the construction of 24 provincial-level medical insurance information platforms and the smooth operation of medical insurance information platforms in over 200 cities, covering 80 million insured units, and benefiting over 700 million people.

Neusoft continues to drive the in-depth integration of information technology and healthcare, and explore innovative applications across various scenarios by leveraging emerging technologies such as AI, big data, blockchain, and the Internet of Things (IoT). By doing so, Neusoft expects to continually enhance its capabilities to utilize and innovate with healthcare insurance data, and support the digitization of the healthcare services industry and the healthy development of a thriving healthcare ecosystem.

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