Neusoft Establishes AI Magic Technology Research Institute to Drive the Implementation of LLM-SE Strategy

Recently, Neusoft announced the establishment of the Neusoft AI Magic Technology Research Institute (NMRI), which will be dedicated to the ongoing innovation and applications of AI technology, and advance the implementation of Large Language Model System Engineering (LLM-SE) strategy to embrace the opportunities and challenges of the era of LLM.

Leveraging the company's existing industry expertise, domain data and massive code resources, and focusing on the company's core business lines and vertical industry applications, the NMRI will engage in research and development of key technologies and products, to support Neusoft's business transformation from function-driven software development to intelligence-driven software production, and from business-driven software deployment to knowledge-driven software services.

The NMRI will initiate and implement the Neusoft LLM-SE strategy, construct the Neusoft LLM-SE universal development platform and build LLM-SE+ domain applications for its all business scenarios to provide all-around support for Neusoft's business transformation.

Furthermore, the NMRI will establish the Neusoft AI computility center cultivate external collaborative ecosystems to conduct applied research on AIGC-related technologies.

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