Neusoft Launches MISM-based Feibiao Platform Version 4.0

Recently, Neusoft Intelligent Medical Technology Research Institute officially released Feibiao Medical Image Annotation Platform Version 4.0 based on the Medical Image Segmentation Model (MISM) and simultaneously upgraded the supporting public cloud service platform.

Empowered by the MISM, Feibiao 4.0 features higher efficiency, accuracy and intelligence as well as scalability, making medical image annotation more efficient and quality, and pushing medical image annotation into a new era.

Feibiao is a web-based medical image annotation platform that supports multi-person and multi-team collaborative work. With advanced web-based 3D visualization technology, the platform supports automatic, semi-automatic, and manual annotation, as well as algorithmic pre-annotation in 2D and 3D views. It also supports private cloud, public cloud, multi-tenant SaaS and other application modes. Since its launch in 2021, Feibiao has won wide recognition from users. Currently, the platform has annotated more than 20 million medical images.

Neusoft Intelligent Medical Technology Research Institute is an innovative platform based on the collaboration among industry, education, research and medicine application. Established by Neusoft Corporation, the Research Institute is oriented towards major issues in intelligent healthcare, centered on breakthroughs in AI technology, and characterized by openness, sharing and inter-discipline. From 2018 to now, the Research Institute has launched generic technology platforms and had them applied in more than 40 domestic medical institutions. The Research Institute established innovative collaborations with more than 20 medical institutions. Moreover, the Research Institute shouldered major national strategic technological tasks with domestic well-known Grade-A tertiary hospitals and applied the research results with industrial partners.

Neusoft will continue to integrate medicine and technology to explore digital, engineered and platform-based clinical methods to enable personalized, accurate and efficient medical services, to drive the discipline development, medical innovation and excellent operation of hospitals, and to promote the reform of medical system to serve human health and medical development.

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