Neusoft Reach Officially Releases NeuSAR 4.0 with a New Automotive Software Application Development Architecture

Neusoft Reach Automotive Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Neusoft Reach), an innovative company invested by Neusoft Corporation, has recently released NeuSAR 4.0, a new version of the automotive basic software. In addition to the continuous improvements in AUTOSAR, NeuSAR 4.0 features a new software application development architecture for the coming cross-domain integration stage, marking another big evolution of NeuSAR product.

NeuSAR 4.0 adopts a software-first development model with a fully upgraded NeuSAR SF service framework and a NeuSAR DevKit tool chain. It migrates the development view from the domain controller level to the vehicle level and solves the software deployment problems of heterogeneous multi-core domain controllers, which enables automakers to produce vehicles with personalized and innovative functions, and generate massive application software based on application development architecture, to create an independent and controllable operating system and build a strong automotive ecosystem.

The launch of NeuSAR 4.0 will empower the automotive industry to move into a new stage of SDV. NeuSAR will continue to provide developers with the most advanced and efficient automotive software development platform, and create a sustainable automotive software architecture, to support a diversified and win-win automobile ecosystem.

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