Neusoft Supports Full Completion of Unified National Healthcare Security Information Platform in China

The National Healthcare Security Administration of China recently announced that a unified national healthcare security information platform has been fully built and will provide high-quality healthcare security services for 1.36 billion people covered by the insurance program. The platform marks a milestone in the standardization of healthcare security informatization in China. Neusoft, as the main contractor, has a deep understanding of the healthcare security business and comprehensive advantages in talent, technology, delivery, service and ecology. Neusoft provides strong support for the smooth launch of the national healthcare security information platform, 24 provincial-level platforms and more than 200 city-level platforms.

In 2019, Neusoft took the lead in winning the bid for the first package of the business application software system of the national healthcare security information platform and other related projects, and has actively participated in the formulation of relevant standards and regulations of the platform. Since September 2020, Neusoft has undertaken the construction of application systems of 24 provincial-level healthcare security information platforms, smoothly launched new healthcare security information platforms in more than 200 cities across the country on schedule, and provided platform access and transformation services for more than 400,000 designated medical institutions. Neusoft ranks top among the national healthcare security informatization constructors in the number of provinces in which it won the bids, the number of projects it won, the number of core business handling systems it won, and the amount of money of winning the bids.

Neusoft entered the field of healthcare security informatization in 1994. Over the years, Neusoft has continuously engaged in the construction of healthcare security information systems in provinces and cities across the country. With first-hand experience in numerous rounds of reforms of the national healthcare security system, Neusoft has helped build a multi-level healthcare security system, helped designated medical institutions provide better services, and contributed to the reform of healthcare security payment methods. Neusoft ranked first in China's healthcare security information system market, according to IDC's "Market Shares of Healthcare Security Information System of China 2020: Building a New Healthcare Security Information System".

In the field of healthcare, Neusoft empowers healthcare technology and business innovation, and works with the innovative healthcare companies in which it invests to continuously promote the deep integration of information technology and healthcare, improve healthcare security informatization by software, to make people live better lives.

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