Sensteer Vehicle relies on the big data of connected automated vehicles to conduct intelligent analysis on vehicle conditions, user profiles and travels, thus providing business decision bases for OEMs’ R&D and quality departments and enabling their deep insight into users, higher operating efficiency, precision marketing and business innovation.

Application Scenarios

Product Changes and Quality Control in Auto Factories

Mine the value of the collected and analyzed big data of connected automated vehicles from economical efficiency, environment, reliability, security, failures, and other aspects to provid OEMs’ R&D and quality departments of auto factories with decision bases for product changes .

Driving Evaluation and Travel Assistant for Drivers

Consider drivers’ driving habits to enable higher efficiency of vehicles, minimized concerns from drivers, driving assessment and safety guidance, travel assistance, and facilitated transformation of automobile brands in intelligent services.

Auto Aftermarket Services

Integrate the data of humans and vehicles in the big data of big data of connected automated vehicles. Provide customized personalized services based on the characteristics of clients in different industries to fully embody the value of the “own data operations”.

Precision Marketing

Collect the offline location data and analyze the combination of humans and geographic locations, the changes, frequency and other status to realize crowd labeling and offline scene capture with accurate user profiles to enable OEMs’ deep insight into users, higher operating efficiency, precision marketing and business innovation

Why Sensteer Vehicle?

Provide multidimensional analysis on humans, vehicles and travels to enable better decision-making and operation capacities for OEMs

Analysis on Vehicle Conditions

Provide OEMs’ R&D, procurement, and quality departments with analysis on vehicle conditions including fuel economy, idling speed, failures, and performance to enhance OEMs’ decision-making capacities and bring value for the whole production and design links.

User Profiles

Analyze car purchase histories, use frequency, and activity areas to help OEMs gain insight into the distribution of vehicle purchasing crowds and their consumption preferences and to provide objective references for the positioning and strategies of vehicle sales so that OEMs can realize precise marketing and business innovation.

Travel Analysis

Integrate the spatio-temporal data during vehicle driving, identify and portray vehicle driving data and risk behaviors, provide driving behavior analysis, and vehicle risk portraits, and trajectory insights to comprehensively reflect drivers’ driving habits and vehicle risks and to provide objective vehicle travel data for OEMs.

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