Integrated Intelligent Operation and Maintenance Platform

The Integrated Intelligent Operation and Maintenance Platform integrates IT, logs, and business operations to provide an all-in-one, whole chain monitoring solution. Built upon assets and structured around business dimensions, it breaks down data barriers, enabling comprehensive monitoring, precise alerts, automated operation and maintenance, multi-cloud management, and comprehensive analysis. It facilitates the complete lifecycle tracking and management of operation and maintenance, and is suitable for various industries such as the internet, transportation, education, finance, energy, healthcare, telecommunications, government, manufacturing, and more.

The Integrated Intelligent Operation and Maintenance Platform is built upon standardized specifications and serves as the foundation for an operation and maintenance data center. With comprehensive monitoring at its core, it establishes a closed-loop operation and maintenance system encompassing multiple centers: Event Management Center, Service Work Order Center, Comprehensive Visualization Center, Automated Operation and Maintenance Center, and Multi-Cloud Management Center. This platform offers a full-spectrum solution including CMDB, asset management, ITIL process management, IT infrastructure monitoring, cloud resource pool operation and maintenance, application performance monitoring, and more. It is dedicated to providing enterprises with comprehensive operation and maintenance assurance, ranging from cloud to end to application, and from passive monitoring to active testing.

Monitor: Comprehensive business monitoring, precise alert localization. Based on IT monitoring, application monitoring, log monitoring, and business testing, the platform takes the business application as the perspective. It breaks through vertical monitoring barriers, links monitoring data, and establishes vertical monitoring from upper-layer business applications to underlying physical resources. Business drives operation and maintenance, and operation and maintenance support business.

Manage: Holistic process management, empowering operations with data. ITIL-based processes like event management and problem management are supported. Visual process definition and customized form design are facilitated. This achieves stable and high-quality operation and maintenance services along with clear performance assessment mechanisms, delivering satisfactory and timely operation and maintenance services.

Control: Agile resource scheduling, automated operation and maintenance tasks. Monitoring discovers faults, alerts notify about faults, and automated operation and maintenance automatically rectify faults. Routine inspections and visual task flow orchestration simplify operation and maintenance scenarios, accomplishing periodic and repetitive manual operations.


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