Industrial Knowledge Graph

What is the Neusoft Industrial Knowledge Graph

The Neusoft Industrial Knowledge Graph utilizes natural language processing and knowledge graph technologies to classify various industrial data and construct a knowledge graph based on business ontology. Through fast search and inference of trends, anomalies, and commonalities in relationship, it transforms knowledge into decision-making basis, thereby enabling decision support and empowering traditional applications. It has been applied in various fields such as industry, healthcare, and finance.

  • Knowledge Service Platform: Components related to natural language processing such as Named Entity Recognition, Keyword Extraction, Related Word Analysis, Similarity Calculation, and Text Classification.
  • Knowledge Factory: Components related to knowledge processing, including corpus management, dictionary management, label set management, annotation management, and model construction.
  • Graph Construction Platform: A visual platform for building knowledge graphs, including components for graph design, construction, management, data integration, and graph publishing.
  • Semantic Understanding: Understanding and parsing the semantic meaning of user inputs. This includes relevant content such as specialties, units, equipment, defects, work contents, safety measures, and hazards.
  • Knowledge Inference & Decision Support: In the daily production process, reasoning about information such as the causes of equipment defects, possible handling measures, related equipment involved, and potential similar defects. Recommending knowledge related to safety measures and potential hazards during maintenance operations and assisting users in making decisions.

Application Scenarios

Knowledge Discovery and Decision Support

Dynamically acquire and update knowledge from business data and knowledge space to support knowledge discovery and decision-making, and enable knowledge-driven business empowerment for talents.

Thermal Power Knowledge Graph

It collects a massive amount of documents and data to construct a knowledge network with extensive relationships. It provides services such as graph querying, retrieval, inference, and decision support for various systems, processes, and applications in power plants. It reduces the barriers for knowledge transmission and utilization, strengthening safe production.

Wind Power Efficiency Analysis and Enhancement

The application of knowledge graphs in improving wind farm efficiency by providing suggested solutions based on specific problems.

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