A self-developed self-service data exploration and visualized analysis platform that provides multi-data source access, lightweight data modeling, self-service visualized analysis tools, interactive storyboards and other functions. Aim to offer business personnel the self-service data exploration and visualized analysis services with high efficiency and low costs so that they can deeply analyze data and thoroughly seek business value.

Application scenarios

Self-Service Analysis

With the self-service data exploration and analysis capabilities provided by SaCa DataViz, enterprise users can easily connect business databases to the data analysis platform, select data tables, create data associations, visually choose the data to be analyzed, drag dimensional and metric data for OLAP multidimensional analysis, and generate accurate corresponding visualized data analysis charts with visual analysis results.

Data Visualization

Provide rich visual effects with novel and gorgeous display forms to meet users’ ultimate pursuit of visual effects. Offer a map component with geographical location information to enable users to display the multi-granularity data by provinces, cities, and counties and to visualize trajectories, heat and mark points on the GIS map according to the latitude and longitude information.

Large-Screen Display

Rely on the coordination of multiple pictures to enable the large-screen display with a large area and rich contents. Support the fixed resolution, the accurate visualized layout and display based on screen sizes, and the display of full screen and other adaptive width and height scales. With SaCa DataViz, you can easily make a large-screen visualized dashboard on your local computer.

Application Advantages

One-stop Self-Service Analysis

Enable the self-service and coding-free data exploration and analysis activities, including the acquisition, modeling, analytics, and comprehensive display of data, at AgCa BI on SaCa DataViz.

Big Data Rapid Response

Provide Big Data analysis engines to enable the timing synchronization of data with their original sources and the second-level analysis on TB-level data.

Cool Visual Effects

Provide beautiful, cool, and real-time dynamic large-screen data visual effects through rapid configuration and efficient delivery.

Multi-Terminal Data Display

Allow you to make data reports automatically adapting to the multi-screen display at one time and to avoid the tedious process of setting different layouts for different terminals.

Application Functions

Multiple Data Sources

Support the connection with multiple data source types, including text data sources and databases as well as Impala, Hive, KylinAnd and other Big Data Platforms and data sources from third-party interfaces. Provide visual operation interfaces and simple and easy-to-use connection configuration for data sources.

Visual Modeling

Provide visual operation interfaces that allow you to create the association relationships between tables, to customize operations to modify the types and names of data field, to set filter conditions, and to view data results via simple dragging other than writing SQL sentences.

Self-Service Interactive Analysis

Provide business personnel with self-service visual exploration and analysis services. Enable multiple functions like statistical analysis, data mining, screening and filtering, data pivoting, geographic analysis, advanced computing based on the multi-dimensional analysis capabilities.

Cool Large Screens

Support the fixed resolution, the accurate visualized layout and display based on screen sizes, and the display of full screen and other adaptive width and height scales. Provide professional large-screen templates and support real-time effect preview.


China Central Television (CCTV)

CCTV, a well-known Chinese TV station, has a leading audience share in the Chinese market. To better tap the value of advertising business data, CCTV uses SaCa DataViz products to build advertising data models, conduct multi-dimensional and in-depth analyses on advertising data, create self-service analysis tools, and raise business flexibility.

Beijing Foreign Studies University

With the strong data analysis and rich visual presentation enabled by SaCa DataViz, Beijing Foreign Studies University has quickly built a campus data analysis platform to uniformly display the data of teaching, scientific researches, and papers, thus comprehensively improving its information construction.

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