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E-commerce refers to the activity of electronically buying or selling products or providing relevant services over the Internet, intranets and value-added networks. E-commerce electronizes all links of traditional business activities and allows them to be conducted online. Neusoft eMALL is a multi-user e-commerce platform built based on the B2B2C model. It features merchant (supplier) settling, separation of buyers and sellers, platform operation management and self-operated stores, helping companies create a comprehensive e-commerce system integrated with member buyers, shop sellers, and the platform management center.

  • Neusoft eMALL enables suppliers to act as sellers directly in front of consumers so that suppliers can get more profits, consumers more benefits, and the platform operator more revenues.
  • This model closely connects the industrial chains of “producer → distributor → consumer”. The entire supply chain runs from value creation to value realization, fully integrating the resources from production, distribution to terminal retailing. That not only greatly enhances the service capability of e-commerce, but even provides more opportunities for clients to obtain added value.
  • Neusoft has supported the construction and development of business line platforms for aviation, automotive electronics and other sectors for 3 consecutive years.


eMall Reception System

Offer platform member management, payment management, my eMall, order management and relevant personalized management functions.

Seller Management System

Provide sellers with management on commodities, orders, promotion, logistics, after-sales services, and settlement.

Platform Management System

Enable the membership management, transaction management, website management, statistical analysis, operation management and general system settings in the background system.

Enterprise-level B2B2C+O2O E-commerce platform

Support self-service browsing and selection, online ordering and payment, order tracking and other services both on WeChat Mall and APP.


  • Haier After-sales mobile application platform
  • Hisense CRM system
  • Hisense CSS system
  • Hisense after-sale App
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