Product Description

Neusoft APM management system of connected vehicles possesses massive time series to monitor the collection, storage, analysis and visual display of Big Data. Through the unified portal and the visual dashboard, operational staff can rapidly monitor and locate vehicles, analyze and summarize massive monitoring data, and control the vehicle operating situation according to the panoramic view.

Product Features

  • Monitoring management: including single vehicle tracking, vehicle positioning, parameter monitoring, battery monitoring, historical tracks, split screen monitoring, and advanced query.
  • Fault alarm: including fault code base, fault alarm, fault handling management, historical faults, fault statistics, alarm rule management, alarm rule setting, alarm rule application, alarm record query, and complex rule computation.
  • Statistics and reports: rich visualized monitoring and statistical charting libraries; capabilities to flexibly configure data analysis strategies.

Application Value

The self-developed data lake storage based on time-series machine learning can synchronously collect massive real-time monitoring data of terminal vehicles, enable the linear scalability of cluster solutions, and support the on-demand scalability of concurrent volumes and data processing fluxes. Data analysis and visual display that empower a fully self-configured and zero-code vehicle monitoring and management system can define the supervision portal displayed in hierarchical structure by scenario and role.

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