Support Framework

Product Description

Neusoft has built a complete cloud-native application system that supports design, development, testing, operation, governance, monitoring and other aspects to empower the new-generation intelligent connected vehicle cloud which has enabled the support system of the intelligent connected cloud via the SaCa ACAP and the SaCa Aclome.

Product Features

Complete microservice development frameworks, operation support and governance frameworks that support service registration and discovery, load balancing, routing control, fault tolerance, flow control, security control, multi-version services, service gateway, unified configuration, service orchestration, service link tracking and health check.

Application Value

Through the SaCa ACAP and the SaCa Aclome, Neusoft has empowered the cloud-native application system and built an intelligent connected cloud for a certain vehicle manufacture. The complete intelligent connected cloud Neusoft has built possess the capability to access with tens of millions of vehicles. Through in-depth matchmaking with operators, household equipment manufacturers, and online automotive retailers, Neusoft provides new-generation vehicle service experiences. And through the analysis on massive vehicle operating data, Nuesoft has strongly supported the optimization of vehicle services, the improvements in vehicle performance, and the intelligent transportation.

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