Neusoft Opens Its Software Park in Wuhan China, Pushing Forward Its Strategy of Intelligent Solutions

[May 25, 2024, Wuhan] On May 25, 2024, Neusoft Wuhan Park was officially opened and put into operation. This will accelerate the implementation of Neusoft’s strategy of intelligent and data value-based solutions in the fields of intelligent vehicle connectivity and healthcare, etc. in the central and southern markets of China, empowering the development of the digital economy and transformation towards industrial intelligence.

Neusoft Wuhan Park is located in Wuhan Economic & Technological Development Zone, with a floor area of over 140,000 square meters. It’s the third software park of Neusoft in China after Shenyang and Dalian. Accommodating over 8,000 software R&D personnel, it will ensure strong R&D support and rich talent pool for Neusoft.

Neusoft Wuhan Park is of much strategic significance to Neusoft’s future development. As a key part of Neusoft’s strategic commitment to intelligent solutions, it carries the mission of fulfilling technological innovation, business implementation, and strategic deployment. It serves as a strategic base for Neusoft to foster AI-enabled, data value-based, and service-oriented solutions. The Wuhan Park will integrate and interact with the Shenyang Park and the Dalian Park in business and ecology, accelerating the scale development of key businesses such as intelligent vehicle connectivity and healthcare. It serves as an important pivot for Neusoft’s deep engagement in digital economy and industrial intelligence in central and southern China, and the transformation of cities and enterprises.

Dr. Liu Jiren, Founder and Chairman of Neusoft Corporation, said that with the development of the digital economy, AI and data are pushing the software industry into a new prime stage of development with abundant opportunities. Neusoft has resumed its building of new software parks in recent years, focusing on human capital, to seize the opportunities for a new round of industrial development.

According to Dr. Liu, Neusoft’s decision of building a new R&D base in Wuhan is based on the advantages of the city, such as its strength in software talent training, geographical endowment, and planning layout in automotive, healthcare, and software industries. After the park is put into operation, Neusoft will fully leverage the favorable resources and policies of Wuhan to offer more new products and services with higher value, featuring AI and data factors, etc. realizing the application scenarios of intelligent and data value-based solutions.

After its opening, Neusoft Wuhan Park will fast gather enterprises engaged in science & technology innovation, and emerge as an important regional development & innovation platform for ecological cooperation and entrepreneurship & innovation base in the digital economy. Meanwhile, it will fully unleash the potential for industrial innovation, enhance the cooperation with Wuhan City and its surrounding areas, to build a research center and industrialization demonstration hub for collaborative innovation, promoting the rapid development of the software industry in Wuhan.

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