Neusoft Launches Large Model and Multiple AI+ Applications in the Medical Field

Recently, Neusoft has launched a range of AI+ applications in the medical field, including a large model called "Tianyi", the Feibiao Medical Image Annotation Platform 4.0, and a web-based virtual endoscope, and etc. With a solid foundation of technical expertise, vast data resources, and rich industry application scenarios, the innovative efforts in the AI+ healthcare will accelerate the company's strategic layout of an artificial intelligence ecosystem under the AI+ domain application framework.

The "Tianyi" large model integrates seamlessly with healthcare solutions, products, and services, empowering hospitals for high-quality development, and accelerating the intelligent transformation of healthcare. For doctors, Tianyi enables higher efficiency of diagnosis and treatment. For patients, Tianyi facilitates convenient inquiries, providing round-the-clock personal healthcare services. Tianyi's multi-modal data integration also provide hospital administrators with conversational interactions and data insights, streamlining data utilization and enabling finer hospital management.

Neusoft will constantly explore the innovation and application of artificial intelligence, and accelerate the implementation of AI in the medical field. In the future, Neusoft aims to build a complete AI ecosystem, integrating it into various industry solutions and products, and creating more AI+ domain applications, to promote the intelligent transformation of the industries, and bring new lifestyles in the era of AI.

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