Neusoft Solution Forum 2021 Held Online

【December 30, 2021, Shenyang】On December 30th, "Neusoft Solution Forum 2021" was held online for the first time. With the theme of "New Era, New Ecosystem, New Pattern", the forum shared Neusoft's practice and experience in empowering the economy, industry and social life with software technology in the past 30 years.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the foundation of Neusoft. In the speech, Dr. Liu Jiren, Chairman of Neusoft Corporation, expressed his gratitude to the customers and employees for their continuous support over the past years. Dr. Liu said that Neusoft was born and has been growing in an era of digitalization of Chinese society, which has blessed us with opportunities to participate in the digital transformation in all walks of life. We appreciate our customers for their contributions of wisdom and motivation to Neusoft's development. We also appreciate the great efforts from our employees, who have grown with the company and created value for customers and society with software technology, products and services.

Neusoft has kept up with the times and gone through several transformations since establishment. Dr. Liu said that it is fortunate for Neusoft to choose the software industry. Software used to be seen as a technology, a product, a solution and a tool of change, today it is increasingly demanded by our society, which brought huge development opportunities for software companies. Dr. Liu added that in the past 30 years, Neusoft has been making the right decisions and consistently exploring the integration of software technology and the needs of social development. Neusoft has been making the progress in the fields of healthcare, automotive, smart city and enterprise connectivity, and also incubated a number of independent companies.

In recent years, with the rapid development of new Internet based consumption patterns, major industries are going through intelligent, network and digital transformations. "Accelerate digitalization, build the Digital China" has become an important agenda of China's social development in the new era. Scientific and technological innovation became the driving force for industrial and socio-economic development, and the software industry is embracing important opportunities.

Mr. Wang Yongfeng, CEO of Neusoft Corporation, pointed out that Neusoft has always been adhering to the strategy of innovation and globalization, taking software as the core, to promote software’s integration with services, manufacture and many other industries. Neusoft has made remarkable achievements in the areas of people's livelihood such as smart city, healthcare and intelligent vehicle connectivity, and some key infrastructure industries such as energy, telecommunication and finance, as well as the innovation of software product platforms. By continuous exploration and innovations in software service, Neusoft steadily expands its brand influence and market share in international market. At present, Neusoft provides IT solutions, products and services to customers around the world, with leading market shares in many industries.

Mr. Wang said that Neusoft put forward the concept of "Defined by Software" five years ago. In the field of healthcare, software defines future hospitals to further advance the new medical reform, and empower future healthcare development models. In the automotive field, software defines future vehicles to continuously accelerate the integration between vehicles and application scenarios of individual customers, and the connection between vehicles and infrastructures. In the field of smart city, software defines future cities, creates smart and convenient lifestyles by optimizing urban management and operation models.

Mr. Wang added that facing the future, Neusoft will continuously improve its technological innovation, and create value for customers with delicacy management and high-quality engineering services. Neusoft will use the concept of "Defined by Software" to empower the economic development and transformation.

The forum consists of three sessions. "Software Defines Future City" was released on December 30th, "Software Defines Future Vehicles" and "Software Defines Future Healthcare" will be released in January, 2022.


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