Neusoft Obtains Order from FAW Hongqi Again

Recently, Neusoft Corporation received a designation notice from China FAW Corporation Limited (hereinafter referred to as "FAW Hongqi"), in which FAW Hongqi chose Neusoft as the designated models’ supplier of components including the in-vehicle infotainment systems, etc. These models are expected to be mass-produced and put into market in 2022.

Neusoft has established good cooperation with FAW Hongqi in the field of smart vehicles. Neusoft's many products, including the smart cockpit systems and the VeTalk solutions based on V2X communication technology product, have been successfully applied to many models of FAW Hongqi. This designated project is an upgrade of the past cooperative models between Neusoft and FAW Hongqi, which is beneficial to the business layout and sustainable development of Neusoft.

Neusoft is the world's leading automotive electronics service provider, with 30 years of experience in the automotive electronics business. As an overall supplier of in-vehicle systems, Neusoft’s in-vehicle mass production products have been used by most domestic automakers, and some overseas models of international automakers.


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