Neusoft Certified by Automotive SPICE (V3.1) CL3

[Shenyang, China, May 13, 2021] Recently, Neusoft Corporation (Neusoft) passed the Automotive SPICE (V3.1) CL3 assessment (Level 3 of Automotive Software Process Improvement and Capability Determination). A-SPICE model represents the highest requirements of industry for the automotive embedded software development process.

A-SPICE is a software process assessment and improvement model for the automotive industry, which is developed by the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) and composed of more than 600 enterprises in the automotive and its parts industries of Germany such as Audi, BMW and Porsche. A-SPICE model, integrating the excellent experiences of the international automobile industry in software development management, is used to provide the guidance to the software development process of suppliers and improve the delivery quality of in-vehicle software products. A-SPICE has now gradually become one of the standard requirements of global automotive manufacturers for suppliers.

Neusoft has always attached great importance to software development process capabilities. It is the first enterprise in China to pass the CMMI level 5 assessment. As early as 2011, Neusoft passed the assessment of A-SPICE V2.5 ML3. This year, Neusoft has passed the A-SPICE CL3 assessment of new version (V3.1) implemented by the most senior assessors.

Neusoft will be devoted to the implementation of A-SPICE standard in the fields of smart cockpit, full LCD instruments, smart communications, smart networking, global navigation, software services, etc., so as to enhance the product competitiveness and make software truly enable a new life in the vehicle.

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