White Paper Insights into the Development Trends of Intelligent Automobile Software Industry in China released by Neusoft Reach and Neusoft Corporation in Conjunction with CCID

April 20, 2021 - The white paper Software Defined Vehicles: Insights into the Development Trends of Intelligent Automobile Software Industry in China was officially released recently by Neusoft Reach, Neusoft Corporation (Neusoft) and CCID. As one of the important achievements derived from the exploration of the current development trends of the industry in China, this white paper will serve as the basic support for the future development and planning of the industry, by providing important data references and theories for industrial planning, corporate decision-making and investment research.

This white paper has summarized the practices and strategies of major domestic and foreign providers, especially the Chinese brands, in the field of intelligent automobile software, analyzed the status quo and the future development trends of the industry in China, as well as the key technologies of intelligent automobile software products.

It is believed in the white paper that Software Defined Vehicles (SDV) has become the development trend of the automotive industry in recent years. Under this trend, the existing automotive industry is undergoing a profound transformation. Insights into the trends and directions of the intelligent automobile software industry are the key for the automotive industry participants to take the preemptive opportunities in the competition.

It is pointed out in the white paper that the China automobile software industry is developing toward the following five major directions: First, the electronic and electrical architecture and system software will be gradually standardized; second, full-stack and complete control will be gradually obtained by the intelligent automobile software; third, the level of automobile software will become the key to higher product power and competitiveness of self-owned automobile brands; fourth, application software based on multi-dimensional data integration will become the industrial developing focus of the automotive industry; fifth, an industrial ecosystem led by the vehicle enterprises and software companies will be gradually built.

Neusoft has entered the international automotive market since its foundation in 1991, with 30 years of experience in serving global customers. Its in-vehicle infotainment system has been sold to over 60 countries, served 85% of the top 30 automotive brands in the world.

In 2015, Neusoft initiated the establishment of Neusoft Reach Automotive Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. which is dedicated to becoming the most reliable partner of global automobile enterprises in the era of software defined vehicles (SDV). Through the integration of basic automotive software platforms, big data, artificial intelligence and other key technologies, Neusoft is aiming to provide the global automobile enterprises with future-oriented, excellent and reusable core technology products and software platform products, as well as the system-level software-centered development capabilities. Up to now, Neusoft Reach has become a leader in automotive basic software platforms and mass-produced ADAS (advanced driver assistance system) products in China market, and a pioneer in the full-stack software for HAD (highly automated driving).

Facing the future, Neusoft will further increase its investment in SDV-related fields, to promote the growth of the automotive industry and make more contributions to the convenience of mobility.

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