IDC and Neusoft Jointly Release Research Report on Development Trends of Intensive Care Information Systems in China

Recently, International Data Corporation (IDC) and Neusoft has jointly released the Research Report on Development Trends of Intensive Care Information Systems in China, a summary of the trends of information-based intensive care medicine in China, providing references for the future progress in this field.

Intensive care has been playing a critical role in the war against COVID-19. As revealed by the report, intensive care medicine will be more and more dependent on information systems which will become more “super digital” and “widely intelligent” in the future. Accordingly, the clinical work and scientific research of intensive care medicine will see its gradual digital transformation to new work models, diagnosis and treatment methods and technologies, to achieve higher medical quality. Intensive care medicine will play a leading role in the development of medical technologies in China.

This report divides the development of intensive care information systems into four stages and analyzes their respective characteristics and trends. It not only shows the feedback on the usage of current systems in clinical practices but also surveys the demands from intensive care medicine for information systems. Besides, for such demands as well as future trends, this report also analyzes the providers of intensive care information systems, and provides hospitals with references and suggestions on using these systems and choosing suppliers.

Neusoft has rich experience in hospital informatization construction as well as technological capabilities in medical information system integration, medical data management, big data and AI. Neusoft will continue to provide excellent intensive care information systems, to support the digital transformation of intensive care medicine and drive it to generate greater social value in the future.

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