User Experience Design

Neusoft User Experience Design Center, NUX, enjoys nearly 30 years of automotive electronic experience and commits itself to the auto-related HMI design and innovative intelligent mobility design. With our professional experience and advanced technology in automotive design, we offer you customized solutions that bring higher product value and new business formats.

Services Provided

  • Automotive HMI design
  • Website & App design
  • Survey design
  • Evaluation and improvement of experience
  • 3D animation and publicity
  • Intelligent assistant design
  • Solutions to innovative intelligent mobility design

Enable perfect HMI design for domestic and foreign vehicle manufacturers through such means as emotional interaction design, cutting-edge visual design, and intelligent design for the whole cockpit.

Development Process of Innovative Intelligent Mobility Design

As current intelligent vehicles have similar functions, user experiences and services, the design for mobility experiences becomes a key factor to highlight brand influence.

Through years of exploration in HMI design, NUX has developed a set of standard design processes:

HMI Concept Planning for Intelligent Cockpits

NUX offers a complete and brand new set of intelligent, emotional, and interconnected mobility experience designs with the core of user experiences in transportation.

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