Performance Engineering Services

With the expansion of a company's strategy and business areas, it's crucial for the company's sustainable development to have an innovative IT application. Generally, developers will promise to deliver you ann able system for the particular production environment. If you choose to launch the system, and then have your staff and potential users appraise it, the results could be uncontrollable. This is not an effective approach to evaluating a system's performance. 

Neusoft performance consultants provide comprehensive, multi-level performance evaluation and optimization services, delivering fast, accurate and effective performance evaluation, optimization, and management for your core business systems. 

We measure all kinds of performance application issues as well as each element of the IT system, such as system, middleware, database, code, and structure, before or after the effective deployment of the business system with precise evaluation and methods of analysis. 

Furthermore, based on the results of business load analysis, we simulate the load pattern of future application systems with stress tools to evaluate whether the system's QoS meet the requirements of mass production. We also diagnose and locate bottlenecks in the existing IT system by looking into its response time, resource consumption, and comparing them with the performance of third party products to optimize the system with minimal operating risks and secured IT investment.


IT system & key application performance testing

  • Benchmarking
  • Performance evaluation and testing
  • Availability testing
  • Scalability testing and capacity planning

IT system performance tuning

  • IT infrastructures performance tuning
  • System software tuning
  • Code and architecture tuning

IT system performance tuning

Customer List

  • Travelsky Technology Limited OpenAV system performance testing
  • Travelsky Technology Limited CUE system performance testing
  • China Southern Airlines ETS & ECS performance testing and tuning
  • Liaoning HR & Social Security "Five-in-one" system performance evaluation and optimization
  • Tianjin HR & Social Security system performance evaluation and optimization
  • Hangzhou HR & Social Security "Five-in-one" system performance evaluation and optimization
  • Chongqing HR & Social Security "Five-in-one" system performance evaluation and optimization
  • Social security new rural cooperative medical service system performance testing and optimization