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The “on-demand supply”, a featured service enabled by private cloud operation, can be customized. Through means such as plan customization and strategy planning, we ensure low budget, superior routing and efficient implementation, to satisfy the clients’ IT system requirements for their core businesses like production, manufacturing, logistics tracking, supply chain management, and e-commerce.


  • Enabling high agility and a high release frequency of enterprises’ “key application programs”;
  • Reducing TCO service cost compared with public clouds;
  • Comprehensively supporting “compliance” review and risk control (ISO31000) requirements, and efficiently responding to the low tolerability of enterprises’ relevant businesses to the high SLA standard of application programs;
  • Satisfying enterprises’ requirements for high application performance and high SLA standard by reasonable architecture rules and design, a professional team of full-stack technicians and a powerful quality management system; providing a reliable, stable, efficient and secure IT system for enterprises’ core businesses, to help them obtain better creativity.


Big data - private cloud project of a domestic appliance group 

Client’s challenge

The client is an outstanding domestic appliance group both in China and abroad. Starting research and development of virtualization and cloud computing technologies as early as 2009, the group only developed over 30 systems in the beginning, but now this figure rises to nearly 1,000. As the group expands its business rapidly and flexibly, its IT system building mode integrating the planning & design, procurement, deployment, operation, and updating & capacity expansion is not feasible, and the IT support department is supposed to adjust the service mode to ensure agile development, fast deployment, on-demand use and flexible capacity expansion of business systems.


According to the client’s strategic planning and relying on the “on-demand supply” service, Neusoft integrated the virtualization, cloud computing and heterogeneous cloud management platform technologies, to provide computing, storage resources renting, data security, and system O&M services to the client’s Qingdao Headquarter, branches, customers, external suppliers, micro- and small-sized enterprises, and other entities at different sizes, and offer a unified billing and management portal.

Client’s benefits 

Neusoft’s professional, reliable and secure private cloud operation service has helped the client realize on-demand growth, on-demand supply and on-demand payment of IT resources. In the meantime, the one-stop cloud management platform service has also satisfied the client’s requirements for flexible and efficient operations and greatly reduced operating cost.

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