Cloud Management Platforms

In the era of “cloud-pipe-device-edge” integration, Neusoft offers you integrated “cloud-to-device” management platforms. Our cloud management platforms can enable the integrated management on cloud data centers, private clouds, public clouds, and IoT devices. Our cloud asset management platforms and operation and maintenance process management platforms can enable the standardized full life-cycle management on cloud data centers and IoT devices. The big data analysis and AI model provided by our core platforms of intelligent operation and maintenance can enable such functions as automated operation and maintenance and intelligent energy consumption management.

Cloud Data Center Infrastructure Operation and maintenance Platform

This platform mainly monitors the power facilities, environmental devices, video equipment, fire fighting apparatus, security products and such infrastructure as power distribution, air conditioning, UPS, water leakage, smoke detection, access control, video, and infrared in equipment rooms. This monitoring system provides the details of the real-time status and operating parameters of the equipment currently monitored, timely generates alarms and automatically triggers the work order system to urge relevant responsible persons to take quick actions under the alarm status. This platform enables 2D graphic display, 2.5D bird’s eye view display, and 3D immersive panoramic display as well as the advanced functions like capacity and energy consumption management for data centers.

This platform is a kind of visualized management software integrated with 3D modeling, scene simulation, multi-system interaction, data query analysis, and predictive analytics on fault impacts. It adopts digital twin technology to enable the customer experience of “what you see is what you use” as well as the visual management and operational excellence for data centers.

Private Cloud Management Platform

We offer you our self-developed hybrid cloud integrated management platform based on Aclome products and oriented towards multi-cloud environments.

Public Cloud Management Platform

CMT-Neusoft Cloud Management Platform Tool is the core of our MSP business. In our multi-cloud management platform, CMT, we offer customized solutions to your multi-cloud operation and maintenance management and provide such functions as unified monitoring, log collection, standardized operation and maintenance, standardized processes, and bill management to help you complete automated operation and maintenance and thus efficiently solve your problems in multi-cloud operation and maintenance management.

The monitoring and management platform in CMT can enable unified monitoring and management on cloud resources and better adaptation to complicated hybrid multi-cloud application scenarios. The monitoring and management platform can conduct all-round monitoring, quick problem locating, and full life-cycle event management for hybrid multi-cloud architecture, and maximally support resource monitoring, event warning, and fault handling.

The operation and maintenance process management in CMT is based on ITIL standards and supports customized operation and maintenance processes. The customized process templates apply to multiple business scenarios and can enable quick customization and delivery. With CMDB as the core, the operation and maintenance process management realizes the integrated management on configuration and operations.

The multi-cloud resource management in CMT provides functions such as bill management, cloud resource management, and cost analysis. With this platform, you can easily manage and optimize public cloud resources and save use costs of public clouds.

Cloud Asset Management Platform

This platform integrates RFID and other IoT technologies to empower the full life-cycle management on the various facilities, intangible assets (like software licenses) and resources (like space, bandwidth, ports, capacity, and IP) of data centers. Applicable to new-generation data centers, this platform adopts virtual reality technology to enable the customized, immersive and panoramic asset visual tracking management. It can improve such problems as backward management tools and narrowed management scope s and raise the automated asset management level of data centers. Besides, DCAM also applies to managing the corporate assets such as IT equipment and storage.

Management Platform of Industrial IoT Devices

The management platform of industrial IoT devices deeply integrates IoT, cloud computing, Big Data, AI and other new-generation information technologies with various businesses in line with the actual demands and characteristics of such industries as intelligent urban operation, business management, smart and convenient life, and intelligent government office. Based on the principles of intelligent perception, interconnection, and collaborative sharing, this platform builds and refines all information systems in enterprise management and forms application systems with unified and standard specifications, comprehensive and accurate data, flexible and universal business applications, intelligent and efficient judgement and warning, to realize intelligent management on enterprise devices.

Operation and Maintenance Process Management Platform

The operation and maintenance process management platform helps you build an operation and maintenance management system that involves complete businesses and standardized processes and fits the operation and maintenance characteristics of data centers. This platform strictly follows the standards like ITIL and ITSS, draws lessons from the Uptime M&O system, and centers on the CMDB (Configuration Management Database). Through the digitized, standardized, process-based, and automated daily data center operation and maintenance , this platform allows data center administrators to track operation and maintenance progress, to assess employee performance, and to coordinate the overall situation.

DCIM, DCAM, DCOM can be either sold and deployed separately or integrated with each other. They can also be integrated with SaCa Aclome, SaCa DataInsight, RealSight APM, UniEAP UTF and other products of Neusoft Basic Software Business Division to form a Comprehensive Data Center Monitoring Platform to meet clients’ requirements on integrated operation and maintenance.

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