Cloud Construction

Through the cloud construction service, we aim to provide governments at all levels, hospitals, enterprises, public institutions, industrial parks, commercial complexes, and other clients with IT-centered information system integration, iBMS+ services, intelligent project implementation, software development, operation and maintenance services as well as professional solutions and one-stop services throughout the life cycles of information-based projects. With years of experience in industry solutions and self-made software products, we have integrated the capacities of IT consulting, project management and implementation, and technology innovation to provide high-quality integration solutions which features security, controllability, efficiency, convenience, openness, stability, and energy conservation.

Service Contents

Cloud Construction Services

Data Center Construction Services

Follow the business-driven design concept and the modularized, specialized, and standardized design principle to enable data centers to dynamically match the needs for the rapid launch and elastic scaling of businesses in a top-down approach (from business to infrastructure), to realize agile, flexible, efficient and green infrastructure services, and to ensure the security and reliability of data centers.

Intelligent Construction Services

Rely on our own iBMS+ software and the automatic detection and optimal control on buildings and building equipment as well as the optimal management on information resources to offer you the best information services, to meet your needs for building monitoring and management and the sharing of building information, and to realize the integration between building management and business systems. Enable intelligent buildings to fit the needs of the information society and to keep secure, comfortable, efficient and economical.

Case of Cloud Construction Services

Intelligent Construction Project of Some Large-Scale Grade-A Tertiary Comprehensive Hospital

This large-scale grade-A tertiary hospital provides comprehensive outpatient/emergency treatment and inpatient medical services for patients and receives over 3 million outpatient visits annually. Such busy business demands posed huge challenges for the hospital’s equipment management and resource allocation. Borrowing the ideas of the NASA Command Center in the US, Neusoft Cloud Technology utilizes an integration platform to conduct centralized monitoring and management on massive equipment/logistics/people flows /information flows. Neusoft’s system integration solution mainly focuses on two aspects: one is the management on construction facilities and logistics services, which enables the hospital to perceive the operating status of its internal facilities and logistics services in real time and to automatically allocate resources through analysis and judgement, thus ensuring the hospital’s human-body-like “healthy” life support system; the other is medical service management, which allows the hospital to perceive the situation in the main medical service areas and to coordinate diagnosis and treatment service resources in real time, thus enabling the hospital’s “intelligent behaviors”.

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