Neusoft Central Kitchen for Convergence Media integrates the settings of large editorial offices for reorganization. It restructures the gathering, editing and releasing networks and rebuilds the gathering, editing and releasing processes, to allow newspaper offices to transform from printed paper media to all-media platforms. An open central kitchen platform for convergence media is enabled through the integration of a command screen, two databases, three platforms, and a technological support system.

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One command screen

Neusoft command system for convergence media coverage

A command platform to arrange and coordinate the news crew’s work;
Enable monitoring and management over the whole process of gathering, editing and releasing. The core of Neusoft Central Kitchen.

Two databases

Neusoft All-Media Database System

Enable the organization, management, transfer, featured database building, retrieval, storage, and long-term preservation for various types of digital resources.

Neusoft Customer Resource Management System

A tailored customer resource management system based on Neusoft’s intelligence customer analysis application platform;

Explore the potential value behind the massive customer data to provide personalized recommendation services with accurate results, real-time updates, deeply mined and easily integrated information for the business systems of the media industry.

Three platforms

Neusoft Information Collection Content Management System

Gather massive information and display it in a unified manner through network capture, collection of WeChat and Weibo, targeted monitoring and other means, so that users can pick out useful contents anytime anywhere.

Neusoft Gathering, Editing and Releasing System for Convergence Media

A media convergence production platform with “a set of data, a place for production, multiple channels for releasing, and intelligent analysis” for paper media, websites and new media;

Cover the whole process of the planning, gathering, editing, review, release, and control of news.

Neusoft Effect Monitoring Feedback System

Rely on widely aggregating, analyzing, and mining big data running through the whole media network and all channels to enable the accurate calculation of total voice and the quantitative analysis and feedback on the effect of communication effects.

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