Excellent Operations

About Neusoft

With our years of experience in management, we have built up continuously improving operating management systems and processes, such as a customer-oriented organizational structure, target-oriented strategy implementation systems and business processes in the pursuit of excellence. They also include customer management systems for creating increasing value, large-scale and distributed development and delivery systems, reuse-oriented knowledge asset management, as well as win-win partnerships. By doing so, we continuously deliver optimized service quality to meet customers’ needs and grow together with them for a sustainable tomorrow.

Customer-oriented Organizational Structure

We have constructed a sustainable organizational structure comprised of specialized operations divisions targeting the fields of government, telecom, energy, transportation, manufacturing, steel, automotive, information security, healthcare, education andfinance, securities and insurance. Additionally, we have built comprehensive support platforms for our marketing, technology, operations management, human resources and finance operations. By creating a marketing and service network with 10 regional centers covering 40 cities in the global market, we guarantee customer satisfaction.

Target-oriented Strategy Implementation System

Years of industry-specific practices have helped us to establish a strategy implementation system comprised of clear strategic planning, comprehensive implementation policies and stable process implementation. We make strategic plans to pursue future growth by focusing on development trends of customers’ core businesses, with specific implementation strategies regarding marketing, technology, operations, human resources and finance that have been well defined. In addition, we always refer to ISO standards (ISO9001/ISO27001/ISO20000) and CMM/CMMI/PCMM/CE/FDA methodology during the implementation process to ensure such strategies are formed and implemented effectively.

Customer Management System Creating Increasing Value

We have developed a scientific, systematic customer relationship management approach for customer services, retention and development. Together, with an implementation framework of solution effectiveness (NeuSA™) and an echelon industry expert-based human resources training model, we have built up a unique customer management system that helps create sustainable value. Up to this point, with our hundreds of industry-specific experts, we have developed numerous industry-specific solutions, serving many industry leading players both in China and abroad, including more than 10 Fortune 500 companies.

Large-scale, Distributed Development & Delivery Systems

To achieve the goal of rapid, large-scale development, we have considered a wide range of factors including customers’ geographic distribution, HR supply and cost advantages,  organizational system strength and organization construction capacity. This goal has been and continues to be realized through scientific organization and distribution by building large-scale, distributed development and delivery systems. We have set up large-scale software R&D bases in Shenyang, Dalian, Nanjing and Chengdu, employing a total of nearly 10,000 developers. We have also built local delivery centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Tokyo. All of these have helped to increase our delivery capabilities across the globe.  

Reuse-oriented Knowledge Asset Management

Software reuse helps ensure fast, high-quality solution fabrication and quick response to customers’ demands. With our years of experience, we have developed a variety of methodologies and tools for knowledge asset management. Our knowledge bases allow for easy sharing and reuse among employees. Most notably, our knowledge assets cover a wide range of aspects, including customers’ businesses, universal software products, basic platforms, processes and methodologies.  

Business Process in Pursuit of Excellence

To serve customers better and keep improving operating efficiency, we have established a clear, visible, and continually improving business process. They consist of 198 concrete steps that involve almost all departments of the company. We advocate achieving our ambitious goals for excellence through easy and pragmatic efforts from every individual.

Win-win Partner Alliance

Strategic alliances and partnerships are important drivers for our sustainable growth. We have always been committed to creating a harmonious environment for win-win results, which has, in turn, helped build IT solutions to meet customers’ requirements quickly and reliably. We maintain favorable relationships with more than 20 renowned global companies in the areas of marketing, technology, operations management, human resources and finance. Furthermore, we maintain close ties with governments and trade associations.