Neusoft Notification Solution


Notifications are a fresh, new approach to customer communication. No more restrictions and costs of SMS or MMS messages – create your own channel for rich, personalized notifications. Text, pictures, links, coupons, polls, calendar events… Neusoft Notification Solution lets you communicate with your customer in many engaging ways.

Because notifications are received via a branded mobile app and according to end user’s preferences they are not considered spam but relevant information from you and your partners. Here’s all it takes from your customers:

Notifications bring rich content from you or your chosen third party right to your customer’s pocket even if the mobile application wouldn’t be running. Here’s all it takes from you:

Neusoft Notification Solution

  • Have Neusoft Notification Service installed on your server.
  • If you already have a mobile app available for download, it’s simple to add support for Neusoft Notification Library. If you don’t have one, a sample app with basic functionality is included to standard delivery. Alternatively Neusoft can design, implement and deliver custom-made and branded mobile application for you.
  • Now you can manage and send notifications automatically from your backend or via a provided web interface. The content can vary according to end-users’ individual characteristics (e.g. gender and age), preferences (e.g. hobbies and shopping habits) or even context (e.g. time and location).


Neusoft Notification Solution enables 2-way end-to-end communication, with following features:

  • Platform independent push notification relay
  • Unified HTTP REST API for seamless backend integration or optionally web interface for manual content management and sending
  • Five standard notification types: Plain Text, Yes/No Poll, 1-5 Rating, Calendar Event, Custom Action
  • Three standard banner types: Plain Picture, Picture with Web Link, e-Coupon
  • Support to combine notification types and banner types (e.g. Plain Text + e-Coupon)
  • Mobile application or browser invoke with notification
  • Sample application with user settings: enable/disable notifications, enable/disable alert tones
  • Acknowledgement mechanism of relayed notifications

Key Technology

Push notifications, JBoss, JavaEE, and SQL


Neusoft Notification Solution is available for all the major mobile platforms:

  • Android (phones and tablets)
  • iOS (iPhone and iPad)
  • Windows Phone
  • Symbian