PC Utility & Application

PC Utility & Application - Neusoft Embedded


We have offered software customization services to some world famous PC brands. This experience gives our branded PCs distinctive features and strong competitiveness. Targeting leading operating systems like Windows, Linux and OSX, our software products cover a wide rage of fields such as device drivers, enhanced system tools, web applications, system security and multimedia.

We also provide PC manufacturers with full life cycle customization services ranging form software & hardware integration, preinstalled OEM software development, localization & internationalization support to production and maintenance system. In addition, according to the demands of customers, we offer middleware and SDK products to third parities for their ISV secondary development.


  • System management utilities
    • Smart setting
    • Web application
    • System and network security
    • Power management
  • Multimedia entertainment and application
    • Media management and playback
    • TV program recording, management and playback
    • User preference analysis
  • Special PC for various industries
    • Education
    • SME
    • Net bar
    • Community
  • System performance tuning
  • User experience design and delivery
  • Multi-language and localization support
  • PC production and delivery

Key Technology

  • System: Boot loader, Driver, WMI, EFI BIOS, File system, Services, X11, Gnome, etc.
  • Network: WLan, WWAN, DLNA, Bluetooth, etc.
  • Media: Media foundation, QuickTime, etc.
  • 3D technology: OpenGL, DirectX 3D 10/11, etc.
  • Web: Web service, Google Service, SNS etc.
  • Multi-language development: Japanese, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Hungarian, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Czech and Arabic


  • Hardware: X86
  • OS: Windows (including Window PE), Linux, OSX, Android

Case Study

We have developed a scalable entertainment platform which consists of UX framework, functional middleware and light local database for Windows. The major functions of this platform include customizable UX framework, acquisition and importing of multimedia data from local and online music, videos and images, TV program recording, media playback, movie story production, SNS access interface, DLNA interface, etc. Based on this platform, we have further developed several sets of OEM entertainment application software which have been popular among users since their launch in 2008.