Mobile TV (China Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting)


CMMB Mobile TV solution has been developed in accordance with the Mobile Broadcasting Standard of SARFT.

In order to provide integrated software and reference design to our customers, it supports the mobile broadcasting of hand held devices based on the existing platform.

Additionally, it can support future mobile broadcasting standards based on the requirements of customers while supporting CMMB standards.


  • CMMB signaling and reception
  • MBBMS over CMMB Services
  • MBBMS security (authentication & authorization)
  • TV playback
  • Exception handling
  • User interface
  • RAM and ROM usage

Key Technology

Digital multimedia processing, A/V streaming processing, internet interactivity, extensive framework


Symbian 3, Android 2.2 +

Case Study

We have provided the CMMB solution for Nokia TD-SCDMA smartphones.

  • We have the highest ROI and the shortest time to market.

Neusoft Solution + Nokia Cell Phone = Terminal Success On CMMB

Neusoft Mobile TV Player

Neusoft Mobile TV Player

MDTV Player for Desktop

MDTV Player for Desktop