Our eBook solutions and services include eBook solutions/packages featuring high quality, low cost, full functionality and customizability and delivering outstanding user experience to OEMs, ODMs, operators and other clients from different industries.

  • The product conforms to China's e-book operator standards
  • Basic functions of e-book and special functions like multimedia and navigation that are expanded based on customer requirements can be integrated with the leading Web2.0 mobile internet applications provided by third parties.
  • Based on smartphones or slates, the product can provide various industries with customized services such as e-mune, microblog, online shopping, etc.

eBook solutions


  • Ebook Reader
    • Adding/editing, painting/commenting
    • Highlighting
    • Zooming
    • Front size
    • Add/remove bookmark
    • Skip
    • Keyword search
    • Directory
    • Book search
    • Supported file formats: pdf/epub/txt/rtf
    • Automatic typesetting of PDF documents
    • Horizontal/vertical reading mode
  • Enewspaper-Reader
    • Page/headline/paragraph view
    • Image/text mode
    • Search
    • Skip
    • Zoom
    • Left/right hand holding mode
  • Music Player
    • Supported formats: mp3/wav
    • Rank list by genre/artist/time
    • Play/pause/quick skip/quick in/quick out
    • Background music playback
    • Horizontal/vertical display
  • Photo Viewer
    • Supported formats: Jpeg/png/bmp/tif
    • Rank list by name/date/type
    • Full screen display
    • Horizontal/vertical display
  • 3D UI Experience
    • Desktop display: 3D bookshelf/book reflection/rotating & translucent display/fuzzy display/spotlight effect, etc.
    • Flash effects: Bookshelf ejection/bookshelf rotating/book dragging/book moving/Maximum and minimum transition/touch feedback/peel effect/finger zooming
  • Ebook service
    • Android-based cloud media service
    • Seamless reading among multiple devices
    • Anywhere anytime online shopping
    • Online browsing
    • Book search
    • Trial reading
    • Subscription/download
    • Ordering
    • Free release/advertising for new books
  • Utility & Configuration
    • Search: local books/music/images and those from USBs
    • Directory: Supports translation among Chinese, English and Japanese languages
    • My notes: Managing notes/bookmarks/highlighted content
    • Calculator/Date
    • Menu languages: Chinese, Japanese, English
    • Language for ebook: English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean
    • Reset: Resetting user settings
    • Device information
    • Soft keyboard: Alphabetic/symbol/numeral keypad
    • Typewriting: Chinese and Japanese typewriting
    • Management for varied settings/storage/download/notice/power
    • Online shopping through 3GMWIFI communication

Key Technology

  • Brilliant 3D UI/UE effect: Provide various flash effects for ebook with OpenGL solution and advanced technology
  • Supported formats of content: Support main-stream contents format including pdf, epub, txt, rtf, doc
  • Image/video/audio support: Support diversified reading modes like images, audios and videos
  • Digital Right Management (DRM): Provide users with customized DRM system support (based on AES-128 encrypition/dycryption)
  • eNewspaper reader: Offer novel styles and deliver optimized reading experience.
  • Optimized ebook reader: Remove margin automatically; document content return (DCR) technology can adapt to different LCD definitions when reading a PDF document.


MeeGo, Android2.0+, Linux, QT4.5 with LGPL license

Case Study

Through our partnership with famous OEMs, we have developed a complete set of software solutions covering driver development, trouble shooting, middleware development & porting, framework construction, third-party application integration, application development, etc.

Also, we have provided China's operators with an integrated ebook reading solution that can be deployed on dozens of mobile phone models.